Andrei Kirilenko targeting post-Christmas return

Via ESPN New York:

Brooklyn Nets forward Andrei Kirilenko, who will miss his 20th game this season Monday night against the Philadelphia 76ers due to lingering back spasms, plans on returning to the lineup before the team embarks on a three-game road-trip Dec. 28.

“I’m planning [on playing then], but we don’t know how it’s going to go, but I’d like to play [in one of those home games around Christmas time],” Kirilenko said.

Next week, the Nets host the Indiana Pacers (Monday), Chicago Bulls (Wednesday) and Milwaukee Bucks (Friday) before flying to Indiana (Saturday).

Kirilenko hopes to practice before Christmas. He cannot give an exact date for his return, though.

Kirilenko earlier in the season called these back spasms the worst of his career, and told The Brooklyn Game last week that he was looking at a ten-day target. But it appears that Kirilenko has once again pushed back his return date.

He sure did look happy shooting around this weekend, though.

Andrei Kirilenko Happy