Andrei Kirilenko, just hanging out with a bunch of Hooters waitresses he now employs

Finally had a chance to see my restaurant in action!:) thanks Hooters had a great time… Наконец то удалось увидеть свой ресторан в действии, было здорово !!! Спасибо всем друзьям за компанию. @frulia12 @a0gr8 @uliana12 @frizi7 @mashalopatova @seawind777 @russianhky и всем кто был с нами ,сорри если забыл кого то:)

That’s Brooklyn Nets forward Andrei Kirilenko, just kicking it with his newest employees in Russia.

No, really: in April, it was reported that Andrei Kirilenko would open the first Hooters restaurant ever in Russia.

Weirdly, the business is also a political statement: Russia has some “antipathy” towards US-based companies, and Kirilenko is a prominent celebrity in Russia opening a US-based franchise in his home country.

Kirilenko lives in Russia in the offseason with his wife and family.