Analysis: Brook Lopez Versus Andrew Bynum

I’m a lucky fella.  Not only do I get to write for Nets Are Scorching, but I also contribute to The Basketball Jones. Last week I was reading and hearing a lot of hate about the New Jersey Nets’ trade proposal to the Orlando Magic for Dwight Howard; a proposal with Brook Lopez at the heart of what the Magic would get back. Soon after the news broke out, the Los Angeles Lakers stepped into the fray with Andrew Bynum being the main piece going back to the Magic… and like that, it became a battle between Brook and Bynum.

Many, or rather most, took the side of Bynum and disregarded Bropez’s 20 point 2010-11 campaign. Some even put his durability to the side because Bynum’s upside was incredibly high! Oh. Kay. So, after a few more days and exponentially more Brook-bashing, I couldn’t take it anymore. I wrote up a Brook versus Bynum article to show a few things:

1) Brook isn’t as bad as people are saying
2) Bynum is kind of overrated, especially after being in the league for six seasons
3) In head-to-head play, Brook kills

Now, I could have published the article here, but I would simply be preaching to the choir. So, I published it on The Basketball Jones to show the general NBA-loving masses how good Brook is. Check it out, read it, comment, yadda, yadda, yadda. I’ll say this – once people make up their minds about a player, there’s no convincing a person to think differently.