Amar’e To The Nets? Before The Offseason?

We heard after the Nets’ game in Phoenix that Amar’e liked the Nets’ potential:

“There are some teams you may say, ‘no way,’ ” said the 6-foot-10 Stoudemire, who scored 27 points in the Suns’ 118-94 win that dropped the Nets to 3-38 at the season’s halfway point. “I don’t think the Nets are one of them.”

Well now we are hearing that the feeling may be mutual.  Adrian Wojnarowski is reporting the Suns, who will most likely be unable to work a deal with Stoudemire before the deadline, are looking to trade the All-Star.  Wojnarowski wrote & tweeted about the news today:

Add Detroit to list of teams — including Chicago, Miami, Phily, NJ — with interest in doing a deal for Amar’e Stoudemire, sources say.

From what I am reading, any deal has to include Amar’e signing an extension.  Is this the right move for the Nets to make?  While he isn’t my favorite selection at the PF spot (I like Bosh and Lee a bit better), Amar’e could fit with the Nets.  He makes the frontcourt defense (an area where the Nets have really been struggling) a lot better and will take attention away from Brook on the other end.  This trade will also make the Nets more attractive to any free agents.  The Nets should have enough cap space to sign close to 2 max contracts, so this trade for Stoudemire doesn’t mean the Nets will be sitting still during the offseason.

So who or what will the Nets have to trade to make this happen?  It most likely won’t be Devin Harris as the Suns are set at point guard.  My guess would be that it would be an expiring contract or two and some draft picks (Probably the Mavs’ first rounder this year and a second rounder or two).  Pay attention guys, we might be seeing some changes with the roster.