Alleged sexual assault victim speaks, says Blatche was aware “the whole time”

Speaking on condition of anonymity, the 21-year-old woman who was allegedly sexually assaulted Monday night in Andray Blatche’s suite has come forward to speak with ABC Local in Philadelphia, saying that she believes she was drugged and that Blatche, though not directly involved, was aware of the alleged assault and even entered the room.

The woman, who claims she knew a member of Blatche’s entourage, met Blatche & his friends at Philadelphia strip club Delilah’s celebrating Blatche’s guaranteed contract with the Brooklyn Nets before leaving to go to Blatche’s suite. She then says that she passed out in a suite bedroom after more drinking, and when she woke up that two members of Blatche’s entourage “had their way” with her. She maintains that while Blatche did not assault her, he watched the assault, was “aware the whole time” and did not do anything to stop it.

From the story by 6ABC reporter Wendy Saltzman:

ALLEGED VICTIM: Not longer after that that’s when the first guy came in and rolled me over and had his way.

SALTZMAN: She says Blatche and another man watched from the door.

ALLEGED VICTIM: And then the other guy came in, the short one, well with the dreads… then he had his way. And I mean it was like he kept peeking in. He went to the door a few times, opened the door and then they were all three at the door.

SALTZMAN: The alleged victim said Blatche entered next.

ALLGED VICTIM: He peeked in the room just like the other two. He just didn’t…when he came in, he didn’t have intercourse with me.

SALTZMAN: But she says the player did nothing to stop the alleged assault.

The woman added that she’s angry at Nets management for not taking the charge seriously.

The woman says she feels she was drugged at the club. Police are now saying that what was originally believed to be a date rape drug found in Blatche’s suite is in fact something else.

Blatche voluntarily submitted to a DNA swab Monday morning, and was questioned and released without charge. The 6ABC piece also quotes Blatche’s lawyer strongly denying that the player would be charged for anything. “He is totally innocent,” said A. Charles Peruto, Blatche’s attorney.

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