All-Time Nets All-Star Team: Small Forwards



This All-Star break we’re looking back to ask you the question:

Who’s your All-Time Nets All-Star Team?

So here’s how we’re going to do it: we chose the five best prime years (in our estimation) at each position in Nets history. We’ve pitted them against each other, and want you to vote on who YOU think is the best choice for an All-Time Nets All-Star Team.

Along with a comprehensive breakdown of their stats and team success, our crack team at The Brooklyn Game has assembled the case for each player at each position. Though some look easy on the outset, we’re talking the one best year for these guys, not their careers. So you’ll have to think about how good they were when they were at their absolute best.

The winners will be announced on Wednesday, along with the reserves.

Today is small forward day!

LAST CUTS: Keith Van Horn, 1999-2000; Kendall Gill, 1996-1997. Specifically, Gill getting the boot was a razor-thin decision. He was a top scorer on a dead-end Nets team, like another player that made the list. But ultimately Gill didn’t shoot well enough to merit inclusion. Besides, both of them are light-years behind the other four guys.

Start here: Rick Barry