Alex Kennedy: Orlando Is Still Not Looking To Trade Dwight Howard

Based on a series of 3AM tweets, it appears that Orlando is looking to add to the team and not deal their star center.  I will start by letting friend of Nets Are Scorching and Hoops World writer Alex Kennedy do the talking:



The Magic are reportedly in the hunt for Monta Ellis and/or Steve Nash, players Dwight Howard has vocally expressed playing with. Coming from no sources or insider information and just my educated opinion, I don’t see any way Orlando does a blockbuster, non-Dwight Howard centered trade before March 15. I think it’s too little too late for Orlando, and catering to their superstar’s wishes fourteen days before the deadline seems like a last-ditch attempt to keep him.

I’m staying on my belief that the Nets should do everything they can to get Dwight before he has the potential to hit free agency. I want Deron and Dwight locked into the Nets before Dallas or Los Angeles has the chance to woo him away from his Brooklyn pick. Yes, in the long run, a free agent signing would be better for the future, but I would rather get Dwight first and figure out the rest later than see him and Deron Williams bolt south.


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