Afternoon Shootaround: Watchability, Second Chances, Brooklyn Conflicts

It’s the first day of The Brooklyn Game! Here’s some of the best Nets shots from around the web.

  • Mike Prada of SBNation has an annual “Watchability Scale,” ranking each team from 1 to 30 on a scale of how enjoyable they are to watch. This year, he added a little semi-science, ranking each team in six different categories: “Dominance,” “WOW Factor,” “Drama,” “Aesthetic Beauty,” “Intrigue,” and the bonus “Hilarity Scale.” The Nets, who ranked 19th last season solely on the supposition that they might get Dwight Howard, got a bump eleven spots up to 8th this year, with a score of 35.5: “This may seem a bit high, but I have a feeling that the Nets are going to captivate people this year, even if they aren’t a contender.”
  • Josh Childress sees this season as his opportunity at redemption. I see it as his opportunity to shoot free throws again.
  • Brooklynite Jon Kelly, in a post simply titled “The Nets and Brooklyn Deserve Each Other“: “With less than a month to go before the start of the N.B.A. season, I was at the 11th hour of a major personal decision: was I going to forswear decades of loyalty to the Knicks and become a fan of my home borough’s new team? Was I emotionally capable of breaking up with a franchise that had so often gutted me but also gotten me through countless Christmases, Mondays and Februaries? More practically, did I have the stamina to ignore a pro sports team a mere two subway stops from my apartment?”