A Strange Time for Prokhorov To Diss the Team

Michael Prokhorov’s comment that the Nets are “one good player” away from being an “a really strong team” may be true, but isn’t it sort of an odd time to say that?

First, some of us fans have temporarily entered into the belief — perhaps fantasy, but emotionally real — that the Nets already are “a really strong team.” Apparently not, says the Nets owner. If we can’t at least imagine the team going all the way right now, or very far, it takes some of the fun out of the playoffs.

Second, as you’re suiting up for this crucial second game, how are you going to feel about these comments if you are Reggie Evans, Kris Humphries, or MarShon Brooks, each of whom are potential trade bait for that “one good player” that the team still needs? I imagine one or two of them might have been under the impression that they themselves were “good” players.