A Story about Bruce Ratner

Bruce Ratner is an infamous name around here. The precursor to Mikhail Prokhorov bought the team with the sole purpose of moving it to Brooklyn; Brooklyn came first, winning came second. However, now that the move to Brooklyn is right around the corner, the Wall Street Journal writes a fantastic recap of what it took to get to this junction. It is appropriately titled “The Great Basketball Swindle.”

Essentially, that’s what Ratner did; he swindled us. Years of mediocre basketball, sold draft picks, and hemorrhaging finances punctuated the Ratner era. While the move to Brooklyn is nice, acquiring good players to support the Big 3 would’ve been even nice, too. In short, Ratner was the worst owner in the NBA during his time with the Nets. Even Donald Sterling was better, in my opinion. Luckily, the Nets now have one of the best in the business.