A Quick Interview With Terrence Williams

As I noted earlier today, Terrence Williams is sky-rocketing up many teams’ draft boards (including the Nets) as the draft approaches.  Being the hardworking blogger that I am, I was trying to see if Terrence had a meeting with the Bobcats yesterday (he did).  During my search I came across Terrence’s twitter page so I figured that I’d shoot him a message and see if he wanted to answer some of my questions, and he said he could.  Williams was kind enough to answer a couple questions for me over Twitter.  Even though this interview (I guess you could call this a Twitterview.  I won’t because I think it’s stupid) is brief, you can see the type of person Terrence Williams is through his answers.  Here is the interview:

– NetsRScorching@TheRealTWill Hey man, you got time for that interview now, or are you about to get in that meeting?

It was real interesting to see that he wants to be a LeBron type player, impacting the game from every aspect.  It seems that he has the perfect combination of humility (when he talks about GP and learning from Vince) and confidence (when he said that nobody that he was working against was really challenging him).  Another interesting nugget was when Terrence told me he was working out with the Nets again.  Williams’ workout on Friday was supposed to be his last one, so it seems the Nets like what they see and would like to see him one more time.  It also seems that Terrence genuinely would like to become a Net.  Any player that wants to come to the IZod center and ball is OK in my book.

I would really like to thank Terrence Williams for letting me bug him for a couple minutes, and for taking the time to to answer my questions (especially while he was preparing for a big meeting with the Bobcats).  Hopefully I will get a chance to interview him again when he becomes a NJ Net!