A Father and Son’s Journey Or How My Son Became A Celtics Fan

A Father and Son’s Journey Or How My Son Became A Celtics Fan

This past Sunday, I brought my eight-year-old son, HV, to his first NBA game – the New Jersey Nets hosting the Boston Celtics. There was a good reason why the Celtics being in town would be his first game… HV loves Shaquille O’Neal. But, I guess, what kid doesn’t?

In any case, my kid’s affinity for The Big Shamrock first happened when I was watching a Nets/Celtics preseason game and HV who was watching with me asked, “Who’s the big guy?” Naturally, it was Shaq and ever since then, my kid asked about “the big guy” whenever he saw I was watching a basketball game. So, HV asked fairly often. Two things became obvious: 1) I had to get tickets to a game and 2) unfortunately, my son would be rooting for the Celtics probably for the rest of his life.

Below you’ll find two podcasts; one recorded during the 100-75 blowout win for the Celtics and another recorded after the game. We never got to do a third part because my kid was tired when we got back home and Mondays are Mondays.

In any case, feel free to leave comments and encourage my kid! Any bad or negative comments, my kid and I will do it up Jay and Silent Bob style (video not recommended for eight-year-olds… HV, don’t watch this!).