A Buyout for Battie?

HoopsWorld is speculating that newly acquired F/C Tony Battie is a potential buyout candidate. Sources say Battie’s camp would have to offer a discount before there’s any buyout, but the possibility exists.

After the Nets lost out on their chance to get “Big Baby” Glen Davis earlier this week, there was some talk about the lack of roster space headed into the season. With 15 players under contract, there really isn’t a whole lot of maneuverability to pick up any additional spare parts, even if the Nets could afford it. I guess a Battie buyout is a way to open up space, but who’s going to be brought in instead? Mikki Moore’s name has been floated around, but he really seems to have fallen off after his breakout 2006-07 season with the Nets. So while a return to the New Jersey could make for an interesting little sub-plot this season, swapping Battie for Moore is a lateral move at best. I’d rather keep the guy who just made the finals backing up the best young center in the game.

– Posted by Mark Ginocchio