Bloggers Talk: New York Knicks

So today, a team we’re all pretty familiar with comes to town, the New York Knicks. Still, despite being completely saturated by the New York media market, I thought it would be fun to discuss the Knicks with Mike Kurylo, of the great TrueHoop site, Knickerblogger.

NAS: So the Nets and Knicks are each off to terrible starts. Convince me that the Knicks are in better shape than the Nets right now.

No thanks. Doing so would be like arguing who is going to win the next Miss America pageant, Harvey Keitel or Steve Buscemi.

NAS: What do you think of the recent Allen Iverson to the Knicks rumors?

As someone who’s in the business of promoting debate and readership, the rumors have been great. However I hope they remain that way, rumors. However you view Iverson, he’s older and he has been benched and released by his last two teams. I don’t think bringing in a former All Star who is demanding starters minutes is good for a team with so many young players that need court time.

NAS: Are you surprised by Danilo Gallinari’s solid November? Can he keep it up?

Because he was limited both by minutes and injury, Knick fans didn’t know what to expect from him this year. So far we’ve been pleasantly surprised. Gallo’s shooting has remained incredibly good, but of coruse he still struggles in other areas which you’d expect from a very young player. Luckily D’Antoni isn’t shy about giving young players minutes, and Gallo is getting lots of minutes which should aid his development.

NAS: Is Eddie Curry the help the Knicks need right now?

No. Oh wait this is going to appear on another team’s blog? Yes absolutely. His post scoring is just what our team needs to open up the outside. And his recent commitment to his diet shows he’s turned a new leaf. I hope another team doesn’t give the Knicks an offer for him, because I think he’s finally putting it all together and will live up to his potential.

NAS: Be honest. How tired are you of all of this LeBron to the Knicks talk?

On a scale of 1-10, with 10 being Rip Van Winkle and 1 being a somniphobic on speed, I’ll go with 3. With the abysmal start and lack of a draft pick, there’s nothing to look forward. Knick fans are like extras in the Iceman Cometh, we don’t have much to keep us going other than a pipe dream, and we’re OK with it.