Would Anthony Morrow consider return to Nets? (UPDATE)

Anthony MorrowFormer New Jersey Nets guard Anthony Morrow left the team this summer in the trade that helped the Nets acquire Joe Johnson. But does he miss it?

Considering some of the tweets Morrow has retweeted tonight — many from Nets fans, assuredly missing some of Morrow’s patented outside shooting — it seems like he’s both a bit disgruntled with his lack of playing time in Atlanta, and welcoming of praise from Nets fans who’d like to see him in black & white.

Here’s a smattering of some of Morrow’s RT’s tonight:

Though Morrow only retweeted these — and retweets, famously, are not endorsements — it seems clear that he, like many Nets fans, are pining for a reconnection.

Morrow is an unrestricted free agent after this season. UPDATE: Morrow has responded on his own Twitter account:


    1. But he does that one thing better than anyone on the Nets now. Certainly can contribute more than MarShon.

        1. Ok I checked and his 37 % from three this season would be second only to Joe Johnson, while his career average is 42%. Certainly more consistent than MarShon. His numbers are down this year but his minutes this year are half of last year’s. he’s on a team with 8 guards on the roster.

          1. He’s an UFA this year and Atlanta wants to have cap room to make a run for Dwight, which makes a trade not impossible but unlikely. Maybe a return in the offseason?


  2. As I watched the past two nights–with Williams looking like he’s running in a swimming pool, Johnson and Bogans with the lateral movement of a subway train and Watson incapable of maintaining control by the time he makes it to the paint–I thought: can this team get any slower?

    Thank goodness for this blog because my question was answered this morning: Anthony Morrow! I was thinking Robert Traylor or Oliver Miller or Eddy Curry, but lets face it, those guys are too old for our team. Morrow is the Answer.

  3. If we can get him cheap, then I don’t see the downside. I wouldn’t trade Marshon for him though. I know Marshon is inconsistent at times, but I believe that is a result of inconsistent playing time. With limited minutes, I feel he is pressing to make a big impact, therefore forcing things.

    If we were to acquire Morrow, I would be interested in starting him and moving Wallace to the 4. This would really space the floor and make teams pay for doubling Brook down low.

  4. Morrow may be passionate and a good shooter, but good lord is he slow. He somehow manages to look slow in half court sets. Seems to be a good dude though.

  5. who would have thought a post about anthony morrow would draw so much attention, i thought i was the only one who was in love with that dude while he was here.

    he had his flaws but was very fun to watch him play and develop. i’d love to have him back.

  6. Morrow was a fan favorite because he was one a few select Nets over the past three seasons who could actually score. I liked having him, however, Keith Bogans is hitting his 3’s and playing defense as well. Morrow was a bit weak in that area. I would welcome him back, but only on the cheap.

  7. The issue I have with Morrow is that he’s not a starter and he can’t shoot when he comes off the bench. His career 3PT% is much lower as a sub. So couple that with his defensive woes, I’m not quite sure I’d take him in a heartbeat.

    His passion an energy is great though.