What happened to this Deron Williams?

The video above comes courtesy of the excellent SLC Dunk, in a similarly excellent post detailing the workings of the flex offense frequently used in Utah. The Nets utilize many flex-esque sets — if you’ve watched the team lately, you probably recognize the double-screen look to get Joe Johnson an open jumper.

The passing hasn’t changed; Williams remains one of the best creators in the game, able to whip a bounce or no-look pass to a slim target with ease, and occasionally he’ll pull out a double-crossover move or hesitation that reminds you he’s one of the most talented guards in the game. But the video above details a different Deron Williams: one more intentionally pushing the ball in transition, one that attacks the rim with more frequency, one that has dunked (Williams has yet to dunk this season).

Williams has fought numerous injuries since joining the Nets; he has bone spurs in his ankle, fought a bruised shooting wrist, and has had numerous bumps and bruises throughout the season. Williams feels he’s overworked himself. Nets interim head coach P.J. Carlesimo has said he’s probably sore. It’s plausible that these issues have affected his game, and changed how he approaches the floor.

Still… that’s a fun Deron Williams in the video above. Hope to see more of him in Brooklyn.


  1. Isn’t it obvious? This isn’t about a player’s role in a system. This video shows a player with a completely different level of athleticism and drive from what we see on a nightly basis.

    Deron had nothing to play for for 1 1/2 years in NJ and then he got paid. I don’t know if I would want to motor like that after that either unless someone of authority was kicking my rear to do it.

  2. I don’t know if it is nagging injuries or lack of motivation, but We would love to see the guy from the video. And great point, Mark, it has nothing to do with the system. Deron can drive the lane anytime he wants and I am sure PJ will not pull him from the game. Also, Deron gets terriffic looks on the arc.
    Deron gets paid like one of the two best PGs in the game. Hopefully, he’ll want to be one soon.

    1. I’m gonna have to say it does also have something to do with the system. He may like playing for PJ more than Avery, but at the end of the day it’s the same PG killing system it’s always been.

  3. In a lot of those highlights Kirilenko was filling the lane on the break and making good cuts. Doesn’t seem like any current Nets do either thing consistently.

  4. Hurt, indifferent, terrible system adds up to a disappointing star. Would not be surprised to see Sloan as our coach next season. At this point, even Deron has to relish the opportunity to reunite with Jerry.

  5. Things Deron had in Utah that he doesn’t have here:

    1) A good coach
    2) An ACTUAL offensive system
    3) Floor spacers
    4) Cutters and slashers
    5) A crew of big men who can catch the ball and finish with authority

    With Gerald Wallace already here, as well as good shooters who are under-utilized, I think a simple coaching change would fix 4 of these 5 problems.

  6. One thing that I noticed was there seems to be a “hop in his step” that has been missing since he has become a Net. Deron seems confident and enthusiastic, whereas now he is always moping around. Notice how when he collides with another player and falls into the crowd, he sits between the 2 fans with his arms around them making the whole exchange comical? Now if he fell into the crowd, he would be wincing in pain and favoring his shoulder, wrist, or hand.

    Is it just me or does he also look slimmer? I can only hope that we eventually get this player featured in the video. He needs to return to this attack mode and dominate/push the floor when the opportunity presents himself. This guy is physically bigger than most of his competition and needs to dominate them once again!

  7. Probably a little of everything when it comes to Deron’s lackluster play this season.

    I’m not concerned and if Deron returns to all-star form next season and Lopez continues to improve we might be in pretty good shape to chase the title next season.

    I wasn’t expecting this year to be the year we make noise anyway…This year we find out what’s lacking and hopefully we make the necessary adjustments and make our real move next year.

    1. Agree there.

      Next year we should really be in a good position. This year I guess is a “feeling out year.”

      Add some youth through the draft for next season and perhaps our Euro-stash Bogdanovic and i think we could be ready.