The Dodgers Lived in Brooklyn. Why Can’t the Nets?

The Jackie Robinson House, 5224 Tilden, where he lived rookie year

The decision of Deron Williams to buy a place in Manhattan instead of Brooklyn is a lost opportunity. The Brooklyn Dodgers were beloved in part because they were neighbors.

Michael Shapiro of the Columbia Journalism School wrote:

The Dodgers were built around a familiar core – [Pee Wee] Reese, [Jackie] Robinson, [Roy] Campanella, [Clem] Labine, [Duke] Snider, [Carl] Erskine, [Gil] Hodges – most of whom lived not only in Brooklyn, but in one neighborhood, Bay Ridge, where there sons played in the local little league and their wives shopped at Rossi the butcher. The players carpooled to the ballpark. Kids rang their doorbell for autographs. They were great and they were neighbors.

For what it’s worth; at least Deron Williams lives in NYC. Many of the Nets live in NJ.


  1. Manhattan living for his Manhattan game. I’m really disappointed in Deron and the way he has been player this year. I’ve been a fan of Deron since his days at Illinois. Since getting this summer he is truly showing that a big payday doesn’t always equal success on the court. He needs to take some of that big money and pay a private investigator to find out where his game went. Visiting the wizard of oz for heart wouldn’t hurt either. This guy is playing far below what he is capable of. All of our players are but it starts with Deron as the team leader.