The Brookie Monster, D-Will Dominate Dallas: Nets 113, Mavericks 96 (Game Grades)

Deron Williams POINT GUARD

He is a superstar and it is not surprising to see him play like a superstar and I’m still processing this even after a month of watching reality manifest like this. Watching him hit jumper after jumper at the beginning of the fourth quarter was about as happy as I’ve been as a fan this season. Three-pointers, attacks, assists, an enormous second-half performance… He had it all, again.


Hit a target-practice three to put the team up 10 with three minutes left, but it seems like he has these kind of quiet games a little too often.

Gerald Wallace SMALL FORWARD

Wallace made a contested layup and the foul. Somewhere deep in a forest, a disgruntled lumberjack raised an axe towards a majestic tree as the forest’s fauna froze in fear. Wallace missed the free throw. The lumberjack hesitated, put his axe away, and all was calm again.

(Great defensive effort.)

Brook Lopez CENTER

NOT ENOUGH PLUSES. Can he play Dallas all the time? He has an incredible ability to exploit every defender’s weaknesses — Chris Kaman is somehow slower than he is, Brandan Wright is too eager both in single coverage and doubling, and Dirk can’t meet Lopez at his highest point. Even had a double-digit rebounding night, including a phenomenal offensive rebound in traffic and putback SLAM. Incredible offensive game, both going to the rim and hitting jumpers, and while he didn’t have his best game defensively (though he did rack up two nice blocks in the fourth quarter), his offensive explosion was too big to ignore.

Andray Blatche POWER FORWARD

Andray “Illogical Fire” Blatche.


Rebounding machine, but man he can’t do anything else.


  1. I wonder if JJ is starting to conserve his energy for the playoffs? Really he has nothing left to prove in the regular season, especially not at this point of the regular season. His back down isolation moves are pretty darn physical plays. He may be saving himself a bit.

    Deron seems reborn. The first half of the season he couldn’t buy a bucket (not even with all the money from that max contract). Now his shot is no longer betraying him and he has speed to take his man to the rim. These days he once again looks as good as any point guard in the league not named Chris Paul.

  2. Good grades for everyone listed here, and bad grades for everyone not listed (Mirza, Brooks, CJ Watson). Kudos to PJC (finally!) for shortening the rotation to 7, mixing Blatche and Lopez together and even putting Gerald Wallace at the 4 late in the game to guard Dirk.

  3. awesome game to watch. Nets offense is mint with Lopez and Blatche on the floor. The power forward from the opposite team can’t sluff into the post to double Brook or cut off Deron’s drives to the rim. Everyone stays honest on defense and The Nets have the players to take advantage.

  4. how come p.j. wasnt rated for this game?-the author has rated his coaching performance especially in games the Nets lost!
    why doesnt the author rate the coach after yesterdays game?

    please see Van Gundys remarks about how he thinks p.j. has done as a coach this year-in NETS DAILY

  5. This was one of PJ’s better games. I still think an upgrade at coach is needed, but this game and the last road game in Milwaukee stand out to me as his best 2 coaching performances.