The 9 Worst Things James Dolan Has Done


New York Knicks owner James Dolan is a … unique character in NBA ownership. Perhaps no owner (other than Los Angeles Clippers steambag Donald Sterling) is as simultaneously entrenched in his position and reviled by his fanbase at the same time. When I ask Knicks fans what they hate most about the team, it almost always comes back to one thing: Dolan. He’s the dark cloud that keeps Knicks fans together.

So, in honor of the dishonorable, here are James Dolan’s 9 worst acts as New York Knicks owner, starting with the most recent:

First Up: Petulance Personified


  1. This is great. I can add so much more. He’s why I gave up on the Knicks. I don’t blame him for hiring Isiah but what’s the deal with his love affair with him? He’s still advising the team. Jeremy Lin was typical Knicks overhype. I thought it was a lot of money for a guy who I’m not convinced is a starting PG in this league.

    One of the best executives ever in Donnie Walsh had to walk away from this mess. As did Glen Sather…

    Trading Patrick Ewing.

    Trading Latrell Sprewell. Then making it personal and making it public. Totally mishandled.

    Totally bungled not re-signing Mark Messier. Although blame Neil Smith?

  2. Let me ask this: How are the Knicks such a storied franchise? How is MSG the “world’s most famous arena”? They last won a chip in 1973. Since then they’ve had one stretch of good teams, arguably from 1992-2000, that included two Finals appearances and no championships. Since then mediocrity at best. How is at a storied franchise? Eight seasons in 40 years? The Spurs certainly have more “stories” than that, and that’s as many Finals appearances as the Nets. Shoot, the lowly Pistons are better than that.

  3. Number 1 on this list could have been Dolan takes the New York Yankees of the air in New York City! Whether you are a Yankee fan or a rabid “evil empire” hater, or even if you don’t follow Major League Baseball at all, just repeat that phrase a few times, let it soak in. Granted, there was another party in that contract dispute that had a hand in it, but ultimately it was Dolan’s Cablevision that took the New York Yankees of the air in New York City. He is the worst. I wouldn’t want to work for the man, I’m still kinda surprised Jay-Z couldn’t convince Carmelo not to.