“ISO Jesus” ur awesome in todos los linguas

【NBA生放送中】まだ第1Q!ジョンソン、19得点目! #wowownba #Nets #Heat — wowownba (@wowownba) January 11, 2014 Joe Johnson encendido 13pts en 7min #nba #nets #espn — Walter PlaTa (@wgplata) January 11, 2014 Putain quand Joe Johnson est chaud comme la braise comme ça c'est mauvais présage pour l'équipe en face.. #heat #nets — ΥVΕ$ Λ$$ΘVΛŊ (@neggerQ) January 11, 2014 "Quizás no está […]

Devin’s Descent Into Madness (After the Nets Worst Quarter In the History of the U.S.)

Blatche & Lopez on the floor together, which apparently makes Andray Blatche think he’s a guard. #Nets — The Brooklyn Game (@TheBKGame) January 1, 2013 Reggie Evans is shooting jumpers with the Nets down 18. I am now eating sourdough and mumbling to myself. #Nets — The Brooklyn Game (@TheBKGame) January 1, 2013 #Nets have […]