Brook Lopez Shot Chart Art

Posted on: December 28th, 2012 by Devin Kharpertian Comments


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Small sample size theater is all over this one, but it's also in line with Wallace's career arc and wisdom about his game: he's excellent attacking the rim and finding little cuts in the defense, doesn't shoot much (or well) from midrange, and is best shooting long-range shots from the corner.

This chart is similar to Gerald Wallace's shot chart last year -- he was active and effective attacking the rim, but limited his midrange jumper and wasn't particularly effective shooting threes.


Brook Lopez Shot Chart

The image above is Brook Lopez's shot chart from Thursday night's 102-97 victory against the Boston Celtics. 10 shots from within five feet (most in the restricted area), four just east of it. 9 made baskets from within five feet (8 within the restricted area.)

Last night was the second straight game we saw this type of attack from Lopez -- in fact, in Tuesday's game against the Celtics, he also shot 9-10 from within five feet. He is now 38-57 from that range on the season.