Before the Brooklyn Nets had ever played a single regular-season game, I sat down with Brooklyn borough President Marty Markowitz to ask him a few questions about Brooklyn. One thing that came up when talking to Markowitz, a lifelong resident of Brooklyn, were his memories of the Brooklyn Dodgers before they left the borough in 1957. With the release of the movie "42" last week, we felt it appropriate to bring Marty back to share those memories again. Enjoy.


Very nicely done video about Spike Lee's moral conflict between love of Brooklyn and loyalty to the Knicks.

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Brooklyn Borough President Marty Markowitz explains why we must refer to the rivals as the Manhattan Knicks, not the New York Knicks.

The interview was conducted October 24, and was held until now because of Hurricane Sandy.


Brooklyn Borough President Marty Markowitz has a message for Brooklynites who keep rooting for the Knicks.

The interview was conducted October 24, and was held until now because of Hurricane Sandy.


Recently, I sat down to chat with Brooklyn Borough President and Brooklyn's #1 fan Marty Markowitz. We discussed the role of sports in Brooklyn life, "loony" Dodger fans and his memory of the team. "The Dodgers were Brooklyn. When they won we smiled. When they lost we were sad. When I heard people go past my apt building laughing, I knew we’d won." See below, and stay tuned for more.



Develop Don’t Destroy Brooklyn
A coalition of civic activists, writers Jonathan Lethem, Jonathan Safran Foer), musiscians, actors (Steve Buscemi) and area residents opposed to the project. The press release they issued September 28 declared, “Atlantic Yards – It's A Crime!
Community Organizations Join to Call for a 
New Plan at Atlantic Yards
Brooklyn Was Promised Much More Than an Arena”

Atlantic Yards Report: The most prolific opponent of Atlantic Yards is blogger/Journalist Norman Oder, author of the Atlantic Yard Report. He’s covered nearly every aspect but the closest he came to a 50,000-foot sum-up and overview was his recent piece: “Atlantic Yards and the Culture of Cheating” He reviews what he says was deception by Forest City Ratner throughout the project, including on promises related to jobs, low income housing, eminent domain and traffic:

“There's no legal corruption. But Atlantic Yards relies upon what I'd call a "culture of cheating," a term inspired by The Cheating Culture: Why More Americans Are Doing Wrong to Get Ahead, a book by business ethicist David Callahan.

It's an ends-justify-the-means shamelessness and betrayal of promises that pervades the project, involving, at various times, project promoters, consultants, lawyers, and community partners. And that cheating has been too often ignored or papered over by the press.”

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