Nets vs. Knicks Compared (Plus: How The Knicks Shoot Better Even As They Shoot Worse)

Iman Shumpert, Joe Johnson

As NetsDaily notes in their power rankings roundup, the Brooklyn Nets have overtaken the Atlantic Division-leading New York Knicks in five of the seven power rankings cited (only pundits named Marc ranked the Knicks ahead). As the season’s winding down, let’s compare the two teams statistically as we head into the final stretch.

Taking Nets/Knicks Personally

The amusing, yet hardly unexpected chorus of excuses and capitulations from Knicks fans the day after Round 1 of the “Battle of the Boroughs” went to the bums from Brooklyn – “it was just one game.” “The Knicks were missing Stat, Shump and Kidd.” “The Nets haven’t played anyone good yet” – do not upset […]

In the battle for everything, Brooklyn reigns supreme

The city is under new management. — Mr. Carter (@S_C_) November 27, 2012 BROOKLYN, N.Y. — In the Battle for New York AKA the Battle of the Boroughs AKA the Clash of the Boroughs AKA The Thirteenth Game Of The Season AKA The Championship To Win Everything Ever In The History Of Ever, the Brooklyn […]

Nets vs. Knicks: The History of a 36-Year Rivalry

Stephon Marbury, New York Knicks, Jason Kidd, New Jersey Nets

In whatever superlative you’d like to assign it — the Battle for New York, Battle of the Boroughs, the Nets’ arrival on the New York stage, or just another game — the ex-New Jersey/now Brooklyn Nets take on the New York Knicks tonight, in Barclays Center in Brooklyn. This game has added meaning like few […]

Markowitz to Spike Lee: Root for the Nets After the Knicks Start Losing

Brooklyn Borough President Marty Markowitz forgives Brooklyn-born film-maker Spike Lee for remaining a Knicks fan and suggests that he root for the Nets once the Knicks “falter.” The interview was conducted October 24, and was held until now because of Hurricane Sandy.