P.J. Carlesimo

"OK P.J., now do a Dr. Seuss face." (AP)

After 54 regular season games and one seven-game playoff series, the Brooklyn Nets will not bring back interim head coach P.J. Carlesimo. After a 35-19 regular season record and a few bounces short of the second round, did he get the short end of the stick? Max Weisberg and Justin DeFeo debate.

Max: Here's how I see P.J.'s impact this season: P.J. Carlesimo took square peg and tried to force it into a round hole. It just doesn't work. I often imagine him trying so hard to pound it into the hole, that eventually it just breaks and goes in.
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Gerald Wallace's confidence is gone. How can we rebuild him? (AP)

Brooklyn Nets forward Gerald Wallace hasn't had the best couple months offensively. His shooting percentages after the All-Star break are paltry -- 33% from the field, 14% from beyond the arc -- and it's led to Wallace shutting down his own offense. He's attempted just five shots over 72 minutes in his last three games, and freely admitted earlier this week that his confidence is "totally gone."

What can be done to help Gerald Wallace regain his confidence? We took a look at his shot and spoke with a sports psychologist to help find some answers.... MORE →



To celebrate a bit of Nets history, we at The Brooklyn Game decided to take a look at who we thought were the 30 best Nets of all time. Two current players made the list (you can guess who), but other than that we reached back through ABA and NBA history to remember Nets greats.

However, like any subjective list, there's always room for debate. Here's three questions we had to answer.

1. NetsRank: Who's Overrated?

  • Justin DeFeo: Something about living through the "Devin Harris Era" and seeing him at #22 strikes me as peculiar. Harris is a nice player, no doubt, and he was in the precarious position of having to follow in the footsteps of a future Hall of Famer, but I was never sold on Harris the point guard and felt his years in New Jersey were lacking impact. ... MORE →