Nets & Islanders Prepare To March Through Final Full Month of Season


Brought to you by TiqIq. The Brooklyn Nets, winners of two straight road contests, will continue their trek through the Western Conference during the early parts of March before returning home for five home games in March. Brooklyn’s playoff aspirations have disappeared, but its March slate features exciting home games against the Cleveland Cavaliers and […]

ESPN: Hollins “is almost certainly out” as Nets coach this summer


The Brooklyn Nets now have the third-worst record (10-25) and third-worst net points per 100 possessions (-6.7) in the NBA. It’s safe to say that at this point, they’re the third-worst team in the NBA, ahead of the 76ers, who are pushing the once-finite limits of tankitude, and Lakers, who are torpedoing their way into […]

Brooklyn Nets 2015-2016 Season Preview: How Bad Is It Here?


The Brooklyn Game’s Official Season Outlook & Prediction For the 2015-16 Brooklyn Nets.

Barclays Center files trademarks for two Brooklyn Hockey logos

(Via NetsDaily)

(Via NetsDaily) NetsDaily discovered that Brooklyn Arena LLC, the company that runs the Barclays Center, had filed for trademarks on two hockey-related logos. The logos, filed on February 12th and 17th, however, will likely not have anything to do with the Islanders’ eventual rebranding as they prepare to move to Brooklyn next year. Despite some […]

NetLinks: Nets eyeing return to D-League?

Here’s some of the latest news & notes from around the ‘Net: In what he’s calling “The Jay-Z rule,” Zach Lowe of Grantland reports that the NBA will no longer allow NBA owners that purchase less than 1 percent of the team. Jay-Z’s ownership stake was roughly 0.16 percent of the Nets, and was transferred […]

Report: Jason Kidd Still Hasn’t Sold His Stake In The Brooklyn Nets, Seeking Extension To Sell

Jason Kidd’s ugly departure from the Brooklyn Nets hasn’t ended just yet. When former Nets owner and famed rap star Jay-Z left the NBA ownership game to join the NBA sports agent game, he was forced to sell his shares or risk a conflict of interest between players and teams. Luckily for him, he found […]

Text 4 Tix: Nets Among Teams Using Text Message Ticketing Service

The Brooklyn Nets are among a few teams that have linked up with a new service that allows fans to text for tickets, according to a report from the Sports Business Journal. The service is provided by ReplyBuy, which allows teams to offer single-game ticket deals a few days in advance. ReplyBuy sends out a […]

Nets get political in rare show of protest


BROOKLYN, N.Y. — Maybe it’s because of the money, maybe it’s because of the fame, maybe it’s because sports are inherently a suspension of reality intermixed with illogical tribalism, but politics and sports rarely mix.