Cross Bridge Battle, Game 5 Results:
We’re Going Back To Brooklyn

Game 5 Raymond Felton POG Alt.

Aaaaaaaannnd we’re going back to Brooklyn. A wild back-and-forth contest ends in confusion, as the Brooklyn Nets do not foul despite being down just two points with four seconds left and coach Kharpertian screaming at them to foul, and the New York Knicks escape home court and Game 5 with a 115-113 victory. The loss […]

Coaches Dubin, Kharpertian Discuss Cross Bridge Battle

Devin's assistant P.J. Carlesimo. (AP)

Four games into the Cross Bridge Battle and we’re chock full of interesting storylines: the resurgence of J.R. Smith and Gerald Wallace, the highlight reel that is Deron Williams, the steady production of Joe Johnson and the steady but not game-changing production of Carmelo Anthony, the silence that is Raymond Felton, the surge of success […]

Prediction from a Knicks Fan: NY Media Will Overreact

Jared Dubin, founder of HoopChalk, co-Editor of Hardwood Paroxysm, and Knicks fan, joins us on The Brooklyn Game to give us the Knicks’ perspective on tonight’s matchup. I’ll be honest. In the lead up to the season, I was dreading the first Knicks-Nets match-up on opening night. It wasn’t because I’m in any way afraid […]