To illustrate the Nets' ineffectiveness from the first half to the second, take a look at this infographic whipped up by John Hood: the first a comparison of the two teams in points, assists, turnovers, and rebounds in the first half, and the second a comparison of the same in the second half.

The assist-to-turnover ratio of each team in the second half, plus the rebound disparity, just about says it all.


Brooklyn Nets guard MarShon Brooks played a little over 36 minutes last night, ending with the best night of his career. But how does his performance last night line up with his season averages per 36 minutes? John Hood investigates, providing us with the below infographic:



An interesting way to look at the Brooklyn Nets season so far: the first chart looking at the value Nets players bring on the floor (by win shares per 48 minutes), and the second from their salaries. Click on the circles at the top of the chart to toggle between each chart.

You'll see that six players had salaries so small they couldn't be included individually -- including Andray Blatche, who's provided by far the best value compared to his salary of all Nets players.

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