Jarrett Jack: “I’m just now fully getting healthy”


In a dark season, Brooklyn Nets guard Jarrett Jack has emerged as a surprise bright spot in the last two games. In the weekend’s losses to the Sacramento Kings and Golden State Warriors, Jack totaled 49 points, 21 assists, three steals, and just three turnovers, and made up for a crucial late-game eight-second violation against […]

CurryWatch Update: Nets gaining, but still trail Stephen Curry in 3’s made

CurryWatch Update: Nets gaining, but still trail Stephen Curry in 3’s made

Earlier this year The Brooklyn Game introduced Curry/Nets Watch, which tracks Stephen Curry’s season total of three-pointers compared to the Nets. Could one man, albeit the greatest shooter the NBA has ever seen, outshoot an entire team from three-point range? We’re about 10 percent through the season, but so far, the answer is yes. Even […]

Eight Points: On The Nets’ 106-98 Win Over The Houston Rockets

The Nets celebrated their first victory Wednesday night. (AP)

There are close to seven billion people on our planet Earth, and I’m willing to bet that less than half of you tuned in for Wednesday night’s Brooklyn Nets-Houston Rockets contest. The Nets, after all, had yet to win a game, and they faced a much more talented foe on the road. It seemed like […]

Brook Lopez Not Expected To Miss Games: Report


Finally, some good news for the Nets. Brooklyn Nets center Brook Lopez is not expected to miss any games after leaving Saturday night’s game with a sore right foot, according to Adrian Wojnarowski of Yahoo! Sports: With no more tests needed for Brook Lopez's right foot, Brooklyn center is expected to return to lineup this […]

Around the ‘Nets: What’s Next With Offseason Winding Down?

The Nets' Summer League time is over. (AP)

First and foremost: apologies for the lack of updates in the last week. The Brooklyn Game has been in the midst of some off-site stuff. We’ll try to get you caught up today. Here’s what’s happened in the last week or so around the ‘Nets: Nets majority owner Mikhail Prokhorov, who has flirted with selling […]

It All Comes Down To This

The Nets take on the Pacers tonight in a different kind of game. (AP)

In a season mired in the uncertainty of Brooklyn Nets trade talk, peaks and valleys, various injuries, and multiple accusations of selfishness following the hope that the Nets would implement a flex system, it seems fitting that the Nets’ fate would come down to the last day. If you’re not caught up on recent events, […]

Complex: Nets 3rd-least likable NBA Team


At 26-38 and on the outside of the playoff hunt, the Brooklyn Nets aren’t very good — and they’re not particularly likable, either, according to Complex. Complex Sports released an NBA Likability Matrix, ranking teams on their combination of basketball talent and likability, with the Nets not ranking particularly good in either. Complex put the […]

5 Signs Of Hope For The Brooklyn Nets

Celebrating a three-pointer. (AP)

The Nets didn’t dominate the tail end of this road trip. They only won three of five games, dropping two close losses to the Houston Rockets & New Orleans Pelicans. Every team they faced was shorthanded. But while they didn’t tear the roof off, they showed newfound signs of life, signs that weren’t there before […]

Brook Lopez’s Dominant Offensive Rebounding

1) Brook Lopez on the offensive glass. Since the All-Star Break, Brook Lopez has arguably been the best offensive rebounder in the NBA. Read that again. I know! Brook Lopez, whose biggest on-court criticism in NBA circles is his rebound aversion, has been one of the NBA’s best offensive rebounders over his past five games. […]

The Nets are playing Moreyball (kind of)

2) A new way to score. It’s weird, anti-conventional, and so far, it’s working. With the Nets down Kevin Garnett and Mirza Teletovic, Lionel Hollins has hesitated to insert Thaddeus Young into the starting lineup, instead sticking with a guard-heavy rotation that features Deron Williams, Markel Brown, Alan Anderson, and Joe Johnson. It looks odd […]

Even The Nets Can’t Escape This Ridiculous Dress Color Debate

Screen Shot 2015-02-27 at 3.37.57 PM

If you’ve miraculously avoided the internet for the last 24 hours, you may have missed out on its latest target of mass debate: an over-exposed photo of a dress that seems to be both white & gold and black & blue at the same time. There have been countless thoughtpieces, photoshop analyses, and scientific explanations […]

Are the Nets “non-believers” in analytics?

The MIT Sloan Sports Analytics Conference will happen this weekend in Boston, and the Nets — along with every other NBA team, sans the Los Angeles Lakers — will have executives in attendance, as they have in previous years. But does that mean they’re believers in the powers of analytics? Not necessarily. ESPN ranked every […]