Nets vs. Knicks rivalry continues… off the court? Dolan Backer in Nassau Bidding War Criticizes Ratner

Bruce Ratner

The Brooklyn Nets & Manhattan/New York Knicks have a budding on-court rivalry, after splitting their first season series playing home games in the same city 2-2, but the rivalry doesn’t just exist on the basketball court. Barclays Center developer Bruce Ratner and Madison Square Garden/New York Knicks owner James Dolan both placed a bid to […]

Most Brooklyn Nets Fans Aren’t From Brooklyn?

by MrNykes via Instagram

Judging from the number of Nets hats one sees in the streets of Kings County, it sure seems that the Brooklyn Nets have captured the imagination of Brooklyn. But there’s some statistical evidence that the Nets are not yet fully a Brooklyn team. First, just 16.7 percent of those who watched the Nets on YES […]

Barclays Center Worth $630 million less than estimate?

According to James Finelli of DNAinfo: Developer Forest City Ratner says its taxpayer-subsidized arena is grossly overvalued — by more than $600 million. In an unusual move, the firm went to Brooklyn Supreme Court last month to battle the city’s appraisal of the Nets’ home. Earlier this year the Department of Finance placed the arena’s […]