After jawing at Sacramento Kings point guard Greivis Vasquez, Brooklyn Nets guard Jason Terry picked up a technical foul. He argued that Vasquez elbowed him in the face, confronting him after the play and causing a bit of a scuffle between the two teams.

Except, as you'll see, Vasquez never even hit Terry with an elbow:

Vasquez did dig into Terry a bit with his forehead before the play, but as you can see clearly in the replay, there's no contact between Vasquez's elbow and Terry's head. That didn't stop Terry from taking offense to Vasquez getting close, nearly starting a fight.


Brooklyn Nets guard C.J. Watson has been warned by the NBA for flopping following an out-flop-the-master performance Wednesday night against the Minnesota Timberwolves. Watson, after receiving contact from Timberwolves guard J.J. Barea, flung his arms and head backward in exaggerated fashion to draw the offensive foul call.

There was really never any doubt that Watson would get a warning for this one, if only because he -- like so few -- blatantly admitted to it after the game, noting that Barea a notorious flopper and that he wanted to give Barea "a taste of his own medicine." Watch his post-game interview, plus a replay of the flop, below.


Brooklyn Nets, Brook Lopez, Reggie EvansReggie Evans has a reputation in the NBA as a flopper, and it's not unwarranted. Evans gained this reputation mostly in Los Angeles, between embellished falls like losing himself over a screen and flying backward after a weak elbow.

Well, Evans hasn't left Hollywood in Hollywood. A repeat winner in ESPN's "Flop of the Night" series, Reggie Evans makes his ¡first! appearance on the list as a member of the Brooklyn Nets, earning it for an egregious flop against the Boston Celtics on Thursday night. Evans gets tangled with rookie Jared Sullinger before flailing backward, grabbing his head as if he'd been elbowed. The NBA has officially warned Evans for the flop.

Here's the video:

This is Evans' first warning of the season so he won't receive a fine. If he receives further infractions, he'll see fines of $5,000, $10,000, $15,000, $30,000, and then a possible suspension.