538: Ugly Season Lies Ahead For Nets


The Nets’ hopes of making the playoffs lie largely on faith. To believe this team can make the playoffs after losing three key contributors to a team that fell backwards into the final seed hours after their final game, you have to buy into the idea that the team’s improved chemistry without Deron Williams is […]

10 Things We Saw At Barclays Center During Nets-Fenerbahce That You Didn’t Because It Wasn’t Televised


If the Nets fall to a non-NBA team in preseason, and no television cameras or radio announcers broadcast it, did it really happen? Unless you were one of the lucky 6,857 people to sneak into Barclays Center and catch Brooklyn’s inaugural 2015-16 preseason game, you have no idea what anything looked like during the 101-96 […]

The Mavericks snatched the Nets’ Guinness World Record for biggest game of Knockout

Carmelo Anthony leading a game of knockout in 2011. (AP)

First they came for Deron Williams. Now it’s their Guinness World Record. Last season, the Nets held an open practice promising a friendly game of “Knockout” at the end, hoping to set a Guinness World Record for the largest game of Knockout ever. They did, beating the old record of 581 by getting over 600 […]

Around the ‘Nets: Inside Mikhail Prokhorov, who wants Nets to “surprise our doubters”

Mikhail Prokhorov

The latest Nets news and notes from around the ‘nets: So, you may have seen the entire internet caught wind of Mikhail Prokhorov’s Tescao workout yesterday, mostly because it’s hard to imagine any NBA owner doing something similar. Michael Jordan would just try to beat his players on the court. Steve Ballmer would sell them […]

Joe Johnson surprised Deron Williams wanted buyout: “It’s not that bad here”

Johnson & Williams in 2012. (AP)

EAST RUTHERFORD, N.J. — After last season ended, Joe Johnson said he expected changes. After a pricy and disappointing 38-44 season, it was only necessary. But he didn’t see it shaking out the way it happened. “I didn’t see that coming — him getting bought out,” Johnson said Monday morning at the team’s Media Day […]

Pencil in Jarrett Jack as the starting PG this season — but don’t write it in pen


Jarrett Jack is the team’s opening night starter, barring a drastic change. But Nets coach Lionel Hollins wouldn’t commit to Jack starting throughout the season, or even beyond the first phase of the season, saying it would depend on how well the players fit together. “Right now we’re just trying to build our group, build […]

Lionel Hollins doesn’t see this as a rebuilding year: “old is old, and young is better”


The Brooklyn Nets are in a transition phase between championship aspirations and building anew. But Lionel Hollins doesn’t see it as a gap year. He’s the first coach to survive more than one season in Brooklyn, and his five likely starters — Jarrett Jack, Bojan Bogdanovic, Joe Johnson, Thaddeus Young, and Brook Lopez — are […]

Here’s Everything Important Billy King Said About The Nets Today


Along with our earlier stories on Nets general manager Billy King talking Deron Williams and digging at Knicks management, here’s the important things he said Tuesday afternoon. On why it didn’t work with the core these past few years: If I knew, we’d be sitting here saying the parade was nice. I had some reasons, […]

Billy King loves the Nets culture change, but won’t say it’s because Deron Williams is gone

King & Williams in 2013. (AP)

The Nets have undergone a massive shift in vision and culture this offseason, and a big part of that was cutting ties with Deron Williams with a $27.5 million buyout. “I think (a buyout was the best option) for both parties,” Billy King said Tuesday afternoon in a 30-minute session with the media. “As I […]

Lionel Hollins laughs at doom-and-gloom Nets predictions


The Brooklyn Nets, by most predictions, will be worse than last year. That’s based on the evidence. They were already in decline from the previous season, lost their primary creator in Deron Williams, their most reliable wing defender in Alan Anderson, and didn’t drastically improve their immediate on-court product. But Lionel Hollins doesn’t care about […]