Brooklyn’s Paradox

Joe Johnson, Deron Williams, Brook Lopez

On July 13, 2012, The Brooklyn Nets introduced “Brooklyn’s Backcourt” at a lavish press conference, promising that good days were ahead for the brand-new Brooklyn Nets franchise thanks to the re-signing of Deron Williams and acquisition by trade of six-time All-Star Joe Johnson. One year and five days later, the Nets held a press conference […]

Nets rotations out of whack in Wizards loss

The Brooklyn Nets lost a close game to the Washington Wizards last night, despite shooting better from the field. They lost because gave up 19 offensive rebounds, which led to 14 more shot attempts and 23 second-chance points. The Nets recognized a lot of “back-taps” — rebounds that were tapped out by Marcin Gortat to […]

Six Things We’ve Seen From The Brooklyn Nets, Part VI:
Brook Lopez The Elite Defender

Lopez’s offensive dominance is nothing new. He leads the league in scoring off cuts, at an astonishing 1.44 points per possession. Yawn. He’s shooting 64% from the field in the post, and leading the league with 1.29 points per post-up. What else is new? He’s leading the Nets in scoring, field goal percentage, player efficiency […]

Six Things We’ve Seen From The Brooklyn Nets, Part V:
Second Half Blues

During the preseason, Brooklyn Nets forward Kevin Garnett talked about his defensive goals for the Nets in 2013-14. “So top-five is obviously something — (Jason Kidd) said top-10, I wouldn’t give us that. We’re gonna have to be one of the top three teams in defense coming out and giving a valid effort every night […]

Six Things We’ve Seen From The Brooklyn Nets, Part IV:

This may look like just another play: Lance Stephenson misses a shot, and the Nets corral the rebound. But what’s involved in this play defensively is so much more, and it’s one of the major changes the Nets have made heading into this season.

The One Indiana Pacers Defensive Weakness, And How The Brooklyn Nets Can Exploit It

The Indiana Pacers boast, without question, the league’s top defense. They led the league in defensive ratingl last season, kept all their major pieces, and in their first six games — all wins — they’ve allowed a ridiculous 87.5 points per 100 possessions, by far the best in the league. Their anchor, Roy Hibbert, blocks […]

What is Brooklyn’s identity?

Brook Lopez, Tony Wroten, Thaddeus Young, Spencer Hawes

Ever since Jason Kidd was hired as the head coach of the Brooklyn Nets on June 12th, his focus has been on defense. As he’s stated multiple times; you cannot achieve success in the playoffs without defense. Last season, the Nets ranked 18th overall in defensive efficiency despite former head coach Avery Johnson’s request that […]

Kidd injecting ICE in Brooklyn’s veins

Jason Kidd

It’s no secret that the Brooklyn Nets made the trade for Kevin Garnett, Paul Pierce, and Jason Terry in July with championship aspirations in mind. The Nets aren’t looking towards the future; the roster is a group of veterans is “All In” to win now, as in this year. But if you’re looking to win […]

For Nets, Chemistry and Gumbo

It didn’t take long to hear Kevin Garnett’s voice. Brooklyn Nets (& Duke) media walked into the Michael W. Krzyzewski Center, the week-long home of the new-look Brooklyn Nets, and Garnett was already getting on his teammates. “Oh, you’re cheating the drill!” Garnett yelled as he got back into line. “You cheat the drill, you […]

Game Three Adjustments: Stagnant Offense Paralyzes the Nets

Much of the Nets’ breakdown in game two was caused by a spirited Bulls’ defense and an increase in minutes for maniacally-motored Joakim Noah. But the Nets played in a way almost perfectly suited to fail against the Bulls defense. Let’s breakdown where the Nets went wrong. An imaginary line, drawn down the center of […]

Tonight Swings on Paul George?: The View From Indiana

Okay, so much for the easy schedule… or is it? The Indiana Pacers travel to Brooklyn to take on the Brooklyn Nets at Barclays Center today at 6 P.M. EST. The 23-14 Pacers boast the best record in the Central Division and the third-best record in the Eastern Conference, just ahead of the 21-15 Nets. […]