5 Things We Saw In Nets-Bulls: Andrea Bargnani, Brook Lopez, & More


Here’s five things we saw during the Nets’ 115-100 loss to the Chicago Bulls: Brook Lopez, making decent passes (early). One thing we’ve mentioned often is Brook Lopez’s need to make smart passes out of the post if he wants to become a more complete post player. That means reading double-teams quickly and finding the […]

Jarrett Jack (hamstring) OUT opening night vs. Bulls

Jarrett Jack is going to be himself. When asked if he felt he had to change his approach as the de facto starter, Jack replied with a flat no. "The only thing that's different is just the personnel I'm on the court with," he said. "You try to just incorporate that into the overall gameplan as far as how you start off games and matchups you want to take advantage of, playcalling, but other than that, it's the same preparation that I use for every game, no matter whether I'm coming off the bench or I'm starting. Just come out there and control the tempo, and read & direct situations." If I can get multiple ballhandlers involved, then there will be times where he won't be on the ball, and he'll be on the weak side coming off the ball," Lionel Hollins said about Jack's new role. "I've told Jarrett before, I know he can do a lot of things. It's just a matter of setting a priority, and if he's a starter, obviously his priorities have to be to the team. "If you go back and look at him when he did start, he did play the way that I would like for him to play. But coming off the bench he had a different role. I think everybody looks at his role off the bench and thinks that that's the only way that he can play." As a starter, Jack averaged 15.9 points, 6.6 assists, and 3.3 turnovers in 35.6 minutes per game, which were all per-possession increases over his numbers as a reserve (yes, turnovers too). His plus-minus was also slightly better as a starter (-5.7 points per 100 possessions) than off the bench (-8.1), though that might have to do with quality of teammates. Deron Williams had to adjust his game when his body no longer could support his old methods. So he turned from an attacking guard into a pick-and-roll prober, finding Brook Lopez with quick pocket passes for easy shots in the paint. Jack will have to find his clicking spot with Lopez and the rest of the Nets scorers, but he doesn't see himself as a Williams replacement. "I'm just gonna be myself. I don't know how to try to be a clone of another person or another player, personality or game-wise. You know what I mean? "I don't mean to speak in the third person, but being Jarrett Jack has worked pretty good for me."

Brooklyn Nets guard Jarrett Jack has been ruled out for the team’s opening night game against the Chicago Bulls, after missing his fourth straight practice with a sore left hamstring. Jack was also diagnosed with a sore left hamstring this past February, which rendered him inactive for five days. The Nets open Wednesday night at […]

Rondae Hollis-Jefferson surprised his mother with a house for her birthday


The enigmatic Brooklyn Nets rookie Rondae Hollis-Jefferson made one of his dreams come true on Friday as he bought his mother a new home her for birthday. Hollis-Jefferson, who grew up in Chester, Pennsylvania, spent time this summer with his brother, uncle, and realtor¬†searching for the perfect place for his mother, Rylanda.¬† In his weekly […]

Nets run out of gas in final preseason game, lose 111-105 against Celtics


In what was supposed to be a quiet finale, having left Thaddeus Young, Brook Lopez, Jarrett Jack, and Joe Johnson in Brooklyn, the Nets took part in an offensive onslaught, didn’t play much defense, and lost to the Boston Celtics by the score of 111-105. Of course, several other Nets were missing through injury so […]

Nets escape with preseason victory over 76ers


If Lionel Hollins saw today as a warmup for the regular season, well… at least they won the game. The Nets needed a late turnover from the 76ers and some free throw line heroics from Brook Lopez, who joined the rest of the team’s starters on the floor in crunch time, to take down the […]

Top 10 Nets Games You Should Go To, Ranked


The NBA season schedule is out, which means it’s time to mark your calendar for Nets nights. Here’s one crack at a top 10 list. The criteria, in no particular order: overall quality of opponent, interesting or fascinating players, returning Nets, scarcity of games (the Warriors coming once means more than the Cavaliers coming twice), […]

Nets to play Cavaliers, Hornets, Bulls in Las Vegas Summer League

Thunder Nets Basketball

For the first time in over a decade, the Brooklyn Nets are going to Las Vegas. The NBA released their official Vegas Summer League schedule today, and the first Nets game comes on July 11th against the Cleveland Cavaliers. Summer league teams are highlighted by first- and second-year players, as well as random free agent […]

How to kill a zombie


This is kind of morbid, but it’s probably like someone about to be in a crash. You’re not thinking, ‘I’m gonna die,’ you’re just thinking, ‘What can I do to avoid this crash?’ And then the crash happens, and you have to deal with it. So that’s kind of how I look at the game. […]

4 Things The Brooklyn Nets Have To Improve In Game 2


The Brooklyn Nets fell to the Atlanta Hawks 99-92 in Game 1 of their first-round series Sunday night. Despite being the heavy underdogs, they kept the game close in the fourth quarter, cutting the lead to as little as four points in the waning minutes. Here’s four things the Nets can do to improve on […]