What 2016’s Crazy Cap Increase Means For The Nets

With the NBA’s $24 billion TV deal set to begin in 2016, the salary cap will spike. Last week, the players rejected a proposal to “smooth” that increase over several years. The cap is now set to rise from $66 million this summer to between $88 and $92 million in the summer of 2016. What […]

Are the Nets “non-believers” in analytics?

The MIT Sloan Sports Analytics Conference will happen this weekend in Boston, and the Nets — along with every other NBA team, sans the Los Angeles Lakers — will have executives in attendance, as they have in previous years. But does that mean they’re believers in the powers of analytics? Not necessarily. ESPN ranked every […]

All-Star Weekend Set to Bring Excitement Back to Brooklyn Next Week (SPONSORED POST)

 By TiqIQ It’s been an underwhelming season in Brooklyn, but the Nets can hang their hat on the upcoming All-Star Weekend, which is set to invade the Barclays Center for the Rising Stars Challenge and All-Star Saturday Night. While Brooklyn’s Big-3 of Williams, Johnson and Garnett has failed to win in a relatively weak Eastern […]

Deron Williams Trade: Would You Do It Over?

We’re looking back at the series of major decisions that led to the current state of the Nets, and asking you: if you could go back, would you do it again?

Today comes the last — and first — one: we cover the decision to trade for Deron Williams.

Nets-Knicks, a rivalry no one cares about

Carmelo Anthony, Kevin Garnett, Paul Pierce

Tonight, in their last home game before the All-Star break, the Nets (20-28) welcome in their crosstown rivals, the New York Knicks (10-39), winners of five of their last eight. The Nets begin the day a half-game behind the Miami Heat (21-28), participants in the second game of tonight’s nationally televised doubleheader, for the all-important […]

Kevin Garnett finishes as leading All-Star vote-getter among Nets players

The All-Star Weekend festivities — not the game, but all the other stuff — will be at Brooklyn’s Barclays Center. Mason Plumlee, reportedly, will join in on the Dunk Contest. He’ll also likely in the “Rising Stars” Rookie-Sophomore game that pits US-born rookies & sophomores against those from around the world. But the game itself? […]

The problem with trading the Big 3

They know it. You know it. Your aunt who doesn’t know what basketball is and just wanted to talk about the Christmas sweater she knitted you, she knows it. The rest of the NBA knows it. They’re on the block.


In Second All-Star Ballot Count, Kevin Garnett Still Lone Net On List

Kevin Garnett remains the only Brooklyn Nets player to make it on the All-Star balloting returns, ranking ninth among Eastern Conference frontcourt players with 62,584 votes, according to the NBA’s latest tally. The NBA allows fans to vote for two backcourt players and three frontcourt players. With the Nets lacking star power, health, and a […]

Nets Survive Themselves, Take Down Pistons

The Nets are 11-15. Here’s all the analysis, videos, GIFs, and images to tell the story.