Kevin Garnett's had better years, but he's still shown a few moments of greatness this season. Garnett had one of those moments Friday night against the Detroit Pistons; after pulling down his 14,000th career rebound -- making him just the tenth player in NBA history to reach that number -- Garnett celebrated with this jam over Pistons center Andre Drummond, one of the league's biggest and most athletic players.


Our video compilation of Brooklyn Nets center and All-Star Brook Lopez's top 10 highlights of the first half of the 2012-13 season:

If you like Brook Lopez in videos, you'll love him in photos. If you don't know why, just look at his face.


Brooklyn Nets guard Deron Williams gets into the lane and hits a circus layup through the Miami Heat defense to cut the lead to 44-37. (As of this writing, the Nets and Heat are all knotted at 49 at the half.)