The Real Reasons for the Rise & Fall of the Dodgers (And What It Means for the Nets)

Demolishing Ebbets Field, home of the Brooklyn Dodgers

By MICHAEL SHAPIRO When you grow up in the Brooklyn I knew, which was pretty much the worst possible time – just missing the Dodgers and years before it got so cool – your memories of the place are almost always flat, dull and gray. My Brooklyn, circa 1952 to 1974, (from birth to graduation […]

Marty M.: “The Dodgers were in your face – and the Nets are going to be the same way.”

Marty M.: “The Dodgers were in your face – and the Nets are going to be the same way.”

Recently, I sat down to chat with Brooklyn Borough President and Brooklyn’s #1 fan Marty Markowitz. We discussed the role of sports in Brooklyn life, “loony” Dodger fans and his memory of the team. “The Dodgers were Brooklyn. When they won we smiled. When they lost we were sad. When I heard people go past […]

Bob Windrem’s NJ-Brooklyn Love Story

Nets blogger Bob Windrem at Nets Daily talks about his personal experience with Brooklyn sports: On August 27, 1955, I traveled by bus with Cub Scout Pack 10 from Cliffwood Beach, NJ, to Brooklyn to see the Dodgers play the Cincinnati Redlegs. It was good time to go: The season was drawing to a close, […]

Brooklyn Vibes: Brooklyn’s Original “Home” Team

Anyone who has friends and family who grew up in Brooklyn during the late 1940s and 1950s knows that a trip down memory lane isn’t complete until the conversation inevitably turns to the Brooklyn Dodgers. The narrative is fairly straightforward and almost depressingly predictable – diehard fan of arguably baseball’s second-best team for about a […]

Brooklyn’s First Basketball Team (Not the Nets!)

The Smart Set Brooklyn Basketball Team

From all the hoopla surrounding the arrival of the Brooklyn Nets to the new Barclays Center, one would think that they are the first significant basketball team the borough has ever seen. Not so. Brooklyn was home to a historic basketball first, way back in 1906, when the the Smart Set Athletic Club of Brooklyn, […]