Deron Willliams #17, Brook Lopez #26 on ESPN’s #NBARank

Brook Lopez, Deron Williams

Brooklyn Nets franchise point guard Deron Williams clocked in at #17 and All-Star center Brook Lopez came in at #26 on ESPN’s #NBARank, ranking the 30 best players in the NBA. Williams had a total score of 7.95, placing him below Golden State Warriors sharp shooter Stephen Curry and in front of the Miami Heat’s Chris […]

Nets vs. Bobcats: The BK Game Streak!

The 43-32 Brooklyn Nets play the 18-58 Charlotte Bobcats in what will be another important game for Brooklyn in terms of playoff seeding. Therefore, you know what that means: another chance to play The BK Game Streak and win a $200 Amazon Gift Card! The game is as simple as it sounds: 1.┬áThe contest relies […]