This Is The Most Fun I’ve Ever Heard An Announcing Crew Have Covering A Game

This Is The Most Fun I’ve Ever Heard An Announcing Crew Have Covering A Game

The Brooklyn Nets dominated the Atlanta Hawks 127-110 in London in a game featuring the NBA’s Global Games initiative, but there was another dominant performance in the broadcast booth, by play-by-play man Ian Eagle and color commentator Jim Spanarkel. The two sent each other into fits of laughter on numerous occasions throughout the game, usually […]

The Morning After: Nets 91, Hawks 86, Starring “Joe Jesus”

Three straight wins. No ties. (AP)

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Morning Tip: Nets still undefeated in 2014

Deron Williams, Gary Zielinski

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“The #Nets will still win this game because the Hawks are not good. … Nevermind.” Twittering a Nets Loss

Warm-Ups Gotta ask who in #Nets brain trust signed off on #circus visiting #barclays during BB season? @brettyormark #GreatMove #Fail — Chris(@cfattovw) March 18, 2013 if the nets win tonight there in front of the knicks for 1st in the division #BKN #fucktheknicks — Ant_Venditti (@avenditti26) March 18, 2013 Hawks are playing the Nets, so […]

Brooklyn Nets vs. Atlanta Hawks, 8:00 P.M. EST: TBG Open Thread

Grade the Game At Any Time! Tonight: After a four-day layoff — their longest until the end of the season — the 38-27 Brooklyn Nets return home to Brooklyn tonight to take on the 36-29 Atlanta Hawks at Barclays Center in Brooklyn. This is the fourth and final matchup between the two teams — the […]

HoopsWorld on the Hawks: Potential Playoff Matchup?


After five days of rest for Joe Johnson and four for his compatriots, the 38-27 Brooklyn Nets finally do the thing they allegedly get paid to do: play professional basketball against another professional basketball team. Tonight is the fourth and final matchup between Brooklyn and Johnson’s former stomping jersey Atlanta Hawks; the Nets have taken […]