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Brooklyn Nets forward Gerald Wallace gets the steal, drives for the dunk, and puts it down even as he gets fouled by Anthony Davis. Wallace hit the free throw to complete the and-one. Watch:


Crucial. (AP)

+10 if you get my stupid pun in the title. The 22-42 New Orleans Hornets -- soon to be the New Orleans Pelicans -- are in Brooklyn tonight, taking on the 37-27 Brooklyn Nets at Barclays Center at 7:30 P.M. The Hornets are best known for having Anthony Davis, and the Nets beat them in New Orleans 101-97 two weeks ago behind a 33-point, 8-assist Deron Williams performance.

Joining me today to give us an idea of just what's going on with the Hornets is Joe Gerrity of Hornets 24/7, ESPN TrueHoop Affiliate site dedicated to New Orleans Hornets coverage. Joe knows this team better than almost anyone, and definitely better than Hornets coach Monty Williams.

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Devin: The Hornets have this year's #1 overall pick, Anthony Davis. How has he progressed throughout the season, and is he being utilized well by coach Monty Williams?

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These guys. (AP)

The 33-24 Brooklyn Nets take on the 20-37 New Orleans Hornets tonight in New Orleans for the first time this season, making the Hornets the second-last team to take on the Nets all season. (The Mavericks face them twice in March). This should be a fun game to watch, even though the Hornets aren't very good, because of the many ways the big men should (and have) intertwine(d) with Nets center Brook Lopez. We could have a weird one on our hands tonight.

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