Should Kidd’s Game-Winning 3 Not Have Counted?

Honest, open question here.

Take a look at this screenshot. It’s from right before Raymond Felton drove to the basket, drawing in the defense and giving Jason Kidd the open three-pointer that sealed the game for the Knicks and the final score at 100-97:

Is he out of bounds? I can’t honestly say for sure. From that angle, it’s really close. It’s entirely possible that he’s on his toes, and his foot isn’t touching the line. But it’s also possible that he’s out.

If anyone has another angle, share it up!


  1. If he was out of bounds, I’m sure the refs would have called it. They were pretty on-point last night.


    1. They missed a couple for both sides, but that’s what happens in big, closely contested games. In fact it happens in every game, it just gets more noticed in games like these.