Shootaround: Garnett blasts Humphries, No rest for D-Will

Posted on: November 30th, 2012 by Devin Kharpertian Comments
  • First and foremost comes the most super-important part of today, both for this site and our current political climate: I'm now doing Nets Power Rankings for New York Magazine every Thursday. Tease: two members of the bench mob make the top five. One invented palindromes.
  • We didn't really touch on this when it happened, but holy Joe Johnson:

    (note: per request from @elonepb, I've switched out the NBA's version -- which had the Celtics call -- with Ian Eagle. Because, I mean, it's Ian Eagle.)
  • Kevin Garnett has some choice words for Kris Humphries: "Dude's always been known to be out of control. He's always tried to play the tough guy or whatever role you want to do it. It was a little extra, but it comes with the territory and it comes with the game. ... I guess they're trying to hold up to the whole Brooklyn mentality."
  • Even with Deron Williams' bumps and bruises, Billy King says there's no plan to rest his point guard.
  • The Manhattan/New York Knicks are #1 in the NBA jersey sales... unless you count fairly.


  1. avatar Paolo says:

    That’s pretty rich of Garnett to say, considering he wrote the book on “always extra”.

  2. avatar WynnDuffy says:

    Geez, is Garnett whining about something again?