Report: Nets willing to trade MarShon Brooks for late first-round pick

From Chad Ford and Marc Stein of

  • The Brooklyn Nets are trying to find a home for their 2011 first-round selection, MarShon Brooks. Sources say the Nets are trying to land a second first-rounder in return. One team to watch is the Minnesota Timberwolves. If the Wolves will give the Nets the No. 26 pick in return, they’ll probably have a deal on draft night.

  • Minnesota is a likely target because they already have a first-round pick (9th) and two additional second-round picks. Yesterday, Stefan Bondy of the New York Daily News reported that the Nets were engaged in trade talks with the Timberwolves, with Brooks as the centerpiece.

    Brooks was the 25th pick in 2011 and has mixed flurries of excellent scoring with inconsistency and poor defensive awareness. Still, it’s odd that they’d do a straight one-for-one to get rid of Brooks and add a late first-rounder in what’s widely perceived as a weak draft. It’s possible that someone wowed them in workouts (such as Tim Hardaway Jr. or Brazilian newcomer Alexandre Paranhos), and they think losing Brooks is a worthy tradeoff to ensure picking up a second selection.

    Brooks is one of those tantalizing talents that looks the part but doesn’t always play it. That said, I’m not sure a 26th pick in the draft is worth losing him unless they’re sure they can develop someone there.

    ESPN — Flurry of trade talks surrounding draft


      1. ABAfan Billy King yesterday: “Sometimes it takes patience, understanding and the right coach. [MarShon]’s been working his butt off this summer.”

          1. M I K E WynnDuffy Max Weisberg ABAfan 
            If you mean that Billy gets played, I agree.

        1. Max Weisberg scorched_earth I doubt we could even get a 1st round pick for Brooks straight up…But rhe Nets seem to be shopping MarShon one year too late IMO.

          1. M I K E Max Weisberg scorched_earth “Buy low, sell high” is a lot easier said than done.

          2. Max Weisberg M I K E scorched_earth MarShon is a clown.
            What dumb GM would give us anything for him ?

        2. Max Weisberg scorched_earth *late first round pick, assuming they can even get it.. If you were to include Brooks in a package, that’s one thing, but trading him for a low draft pick is just giving him away.

          1. scorched_earth Max Weisberg he must be one of your favorite Nets.  The NBA is litered with guys like MarShon.  Talented guys without a role…and he’s stubborn to boot.  
            Late 1st round pick?  Gee, where was MarShon drafted?  They’d go even if they deal him for a late 1st, good value (while he still has any).  Nothing wrong with cutting the chord, atleast we’re not Charlotte (Kidd-Gilchrist) or the Kings (Thomas Robinson) who are dealing their top 5 picks after just a year.  That’s ridiculous.

          2. scorched_earth Max Weisberg When I look at MarShon Brooks, I look at two things: can’t shoot + can’t defend = can’t play
            Are the Nets willing to wait for him to develop those two traits that are almost mandatory for a backcourt role-player? I don’t think so. 
            Might as well trade him for a player who they see as a better fit with the current roster.
            I would also be surprised if they trade Brooks straight up for a late 1st round pick.

          3. Max Weisberg scorched_earth
            Maxie, Maxie, Maxie.
            Brooks is a scorer, something the Nets need.  He played for two coaches that have been fired. Nets should give him a shot with Kidd.
            But as I said, I have stopped trying to figure out what Nets are doing.

          4. WynnDuffy Max Weisberg scorched_earth Brooks is a scorer that doesnt move around well without the ball.  Needs the ball in his hands.  I dont want the ball in MarShon’s hands because he doesnt make good decisions.  
            I’m gonna love seeing Ricky Rubio’s reactions when he makes a sick pass to MarShon and MarShon just stops everything and goes ISO.
            But seriously, get me Reggie Bullock shooting corner 3s.  Get me Shane Larkin as a change of pace 2nd unit PG (who can shoot the 3 better than MarShon and Tyshawn).  Get me Dieng or Whithey to backup/play alongside Brook.  Get me Tim Hardaway Jr.

    1. I can definitely let go of Marshon.  For all the talent in the world he possesses, he doesnt GET IT.  Reminds me too much about fans reacting to Terrence Williams being dealt.  Talented young guy who couldnt find his niche in the league.  If we can still get a 1st for him, do it.  You gotta know when to cut the chord.  
      Nets just won 49 games this season, what the hell did he bring to the table?  Fresh legs?  You’ll get a new pair of fresh legs in the draft.  He’s just not a fit.  
      Yes, the Nets were called stupid by fans for dealing TWill away, I suspect the same thing will happen, and fans will be wrong again.

      1. aerichner Twill had to go but with that being said lets not forget Twill was a bit of a problem Williams had been late to several practices, shootarounds and meetings. He was suspended for two games, and when it didn’t stop, he was sent down to the D-League as punishment. Where as Brooks character off the field has never been questioned and Brooks is a way better scorer then twill……

        1. VegasC29 Agree with you.  But he’s just a guy without a role.  Marshon doesnt have as big of an attitude at all.  But with 15 roster spots (13 active), he just didnt get better from year 1 to year 2.  Im fine if he stays on the team because he IS talented but Im just saying, Im not gonna cry over MarShon Brooks.  If he gets dealt for a 1st, cool.

          1. aerichner VegasC29 I hear you and i agree but at the same time i always thought avery johnson and PJ carlesimo were never patient enough to work with the young guys. I mean Marshon Brooks #TOKO and Ty Taylor all have talent and have showed there talent before (with toko and ty in the Dleague)and It seemed last years coaches cared more about W’s and L’s……Not the Nets future

          2. VegasC29 Agree again.  Missmanagement.  Not sure if it was Billy or if Avery lobbied for having them with the main roster or for practice or whatever.  They shouldve used the NBDL team more often.  Why have one?  
            Anyway, we’ll see with Marshon.  One thing about Billy I like, he’s very very active.

          3. aerichner VegasC29 I just would like to see the young guys get a chance………i know alot of ppl are gonna disagree with me but Tornike shengalia reminds me of a young Manu Ginobli minus the opportunity……Ty taylor now has the Best PG ever as his coach…..I dont know where MBrooks and Mteletovic fit in though….They Both sometime just remind me of players trying to do too much with every possession and #mirza Airballs are just laughable especially considering this is the NBA!

    2. Im just gonna say in my opinion….If anyone can get something out of MBrooks…its Jason Kidd. I cant believe im gonna say this but In Billy King we must trust…………………………and hope……………………….