Is Reggie Evans the odd man out?

Reggie EvansAccording to Stefan Bondy of The New York Daily News, Reggie Evans might be the odd man out in the rotation when Brooklyn Nets interim head coach P.J. Carlesimo unveils the new twin tower duo of Andray Blatche and Brook Lopez.

The coach of the sliding Nets (34-26) — losers of four of their last five — said that he would experiment with the 14-foot tall frontcourt to provide the Nets more scoring punch. Blatche is happy to oblige: “Brook is a great player. I love playing with him. (When we’re together) it’s tough to defend – so many weapons, so many options. And it definitely gives us length.”

The Nets floor general wouldn’t mind seeing the combination, either.  “(The Blatche-Lopez combo) will be good because it hasn’t really happened much this year,” said Deron Williams, adding “I think it’s a good strategy, a look we haven’t tried. The way the things have been going lately it doesn’t hurt to try it.”

Carleismo isn’t likely to alter the starting lineup to make it happen.  As Bondy writes, “It’s clear the combination isn’t Carlesimo’s preference given how long he has stuck with Evans, and it’s unlikely this will affect the starting lineup.”

But Evans, already an offensive black hole, has become even more of an offensive liability since the All-Star break, failing to score in the last three games while playing a combined 61 minutes and seeing 56% of his shot attempts blocked in that time. And it isn’t just his lack of production, but his effect on the offense as a hole: “Defenders are sagging off Evans and filling lanes, leaving Brooklyn’s guards with little room to operate.”

In addition to Blatche seeing time at the four, Carlesimo also said that Mirza Teletovic – to the delight of the Twitterverse – would get some more time at power forward. Carlesimo hopes to reduce the rotation from 11 players to 10, with MarShon Brooks and Kirs Humphries as the leading candidates to be left on the bench.

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  1. Let’s do something different. Anything. How easy must it be for a coach to make a halftime adjustment to the the Nets’ offense when he knows Reggie Evans is about to start the 3rd quarter? I love Evans for his hustle and rebounding, but he simply cannot log so many minutes, especially when he is one less person for our guards to dish to. Scoring is the problem, not rebounding.

  2. What about Kris Humphries? Talk about someone that should be considered as the odd man out. Man’s being paid 12$ million to post 6 and 6 per game. Pretty sad if u ask me.

  3. Hump doesn’t get the minutes to post anything more. It is hard to tell if Hump is having a bad season because he can’t do much from the bench. It seems every time he does get some minutes, he has some positive contributions.

    1. This is true. Hump can make a decent 12-16 ft jumper, particularly on the baseline where he’d be open on guard penetration.

      I think inserting him in the starting lineup is an upgrade to Evans, but I think inserting Mirza Teletovic would help the chemistry even more. I like what I’ve seen from Mirza as of late. It seems like he’s more comfortable playing within himself. I’m looking at him to provide some of that energy Crash Wallace used to give us

      1. Kris Humphries is shooting 29.8% on jumpers in the range of 8-16ft, much lower than the last 2 seasons. Compare that to Brook Lopez who is shooting 43.7% on those shots.

        Obviously, even though Humphrie’s numbers on mid-rangers are down, he’s a much better shooter than Reggie Evans. Defensively, Evans on-court numbers are better than Humphries’ though.

        I’d just like to see Teletovic.

        1. Avery and PJC have killed Humph’s confidence. You can see that he’s afraid to shoot, as if he thinks he’s being judged on every shot.

    1. Brooks has the potential to be a starter, and I think he has the confidence to want it, but due to the coach’s philosophy of sticking with veterans, he won’t get the playing time he needs to develop.

      If I were coach, I’d go smaller with my starting lineup

      D-Will, Brooks, Iso Joe, Crash, B-Lo

      1. That’s a whole lotta non-rebounders, with ISO Joe losing his size advantage over opposing SGs.

  4. If we are just going to start trying things, why not throw Toko into the mix? The guy dominated in D-league.

    Basically they are all fine. All of the Nets big men are contributing this year with the exception of Mirza. But Mirza has played better as of late and his upside is high since he could be a legit scorer and he has plenty of athleticism. For the season he is the Nets worst 3P% shooter. But lots of that is because he has had to force up shots in blow outs and some of it is from the beginning of the year when he was getting more used to the range.

    Anyway, I see no particular reason to think that because Mirza averaged 20 points per game in Europe we should go with him over Toko who averaged 30 points per game in the D-league. I’d at least give Toko one solid run of 20+ minutes one night to give him a chance.

    1. Terrence Williams’ numbers in the D-league:

      28 PPG
      11.3 REB
      10.7 AST

      Never cracked a rotation after that. D-League numbers can be very misleading, they play a much faster pace with little defense. I’d like to see Toko more because I think he can contribute a little, but his D-League stints don’t mean too much.

    1. wish i hadn’t read this… i hope reggie gets subbed out around the 6 minut mark regularly then..

  5. I can’t believe it took so long for someone to come up with the idea of Lopez and Blatche playing together! Why should 2 of the 4 best Nets players be in direct competition, hogging minutes from one another? Put them both on the court, and you create enormous matchup problems for the other team…

    Such a tall, slow frontcourt might be problematic elsewhere (see Lakers). But in this case it further compliments Brooklyn’s existing style of play, which emphasizes strong interior defense and a slow half-court offense built on picks and screens.

  6. Honestly they should start wallace at the 4 and bogans at the three because bogans plpays great with the starters and spreads the floor more. It also lets wallace bring out his energyb by having to guard bigger stronger players. It would give Marshon more playing time also and bring Evans back to the second team where all Brooklyn fans used to love him including myself

  7. I can see it all clearly now…PJ will once again start Evans and the Nets will beat the lowly Bobcats by 3 points and everything will be wonderful again in Netsland, until the next game.

    This coach and team do notlearn from their mistakes but ignore them hoping they will go away.

  8. Don’t you think Billy King is ticked off when the Nets are losing and he paid a guy (Hump) 12 million to sit on the bench in favor of someone he paid $1 million to just fill out his roster? Teletovic makes $3 million. Save theory applies. Seems like a quick way to lose your job to me, PJ. ask Avery.