Rajon Rondo talks to Joan Rivers about fighting Kris Humphries because that’s apparently a thing people do

In an interview with Joan Rivers – Fashion Police, Boston Celtics guard Rajon Rondo opens up about the fight he got into with Kris Humphries on November 28th in Boston.

In that situation, it’s a heated game,” Rondo said. “I think I’m going to war with him. I’m out there competing. Which we are, in a sense. I thought he made a dirty play on my teammate and I wasn’t trying to start a fight.

“It was a pushing war, that was about it. It got carried into the stands. Nothing more, nothing less. I don’t have a problem with Kris Humphries.”

Rondo was suspended two games for his role in the fight. Humphries was not suspended.

Many thanks to intrepid sports journalist Joan Rivers for getting to the bottom of the Rajon Rondo-Kris Humphries beef/non-beef.

Video of the fight in November below.