The above showcases new Brooklyn Nets forward Bojan Bogdanovic at his introductory press conference at the team's practice facility in Rutherford, New Jersey. Bogdanovic briefly discusses his trek to the NBA, his new role with the team, and what he expects to bring to Brooklyn.

In 51 Euroleague and non-Euroleague games with Fenerbahce Ulker, Bogdanovic averaged 15.8 points, 2.6 rebounds, and 2.6 assists per game, according to Euroleague's official tallies. He was Fenerbahce's leading scorer.

"I am a shooter, but...last year I improved a lot with my game with the ball, pick-and-roll," Bogdanovic said. "I think that I'm good enough one-on-one, and I think that I'm ready."

But is that true? To figure it out, The Brooklyn Game gained access to the in-depth numbers provided by Synergy Sports Technology.
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In February 2011, after what seemed an improbable win over the Oklahoma City Thunder, Tony Allen described the Memphis Grizzlies effort in four simple words: “All heart. Grit. Grind.”

From that day forward, Lionel Hollins’ team had a defense-first, paint-pounding identity.

After looking at how Lionel Hollins’ offensive system fit with Nets personnel, here's the driving force behind the “Grit and Grind” Grizzlies -- and if Lionel Hollins can bring those winning habits to Brooklyn.
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Jack has worn #1 throughout most of his career, wearing #2 for one season with the New Orleans Hornets (now Pelicans) and one season with the Golden State Warriors. #1's been taken by Mason Plumlee, and #2 belongs to Kevin Garnett, so chances are he'll have to come up with a new number.

Though Garnett will probably stick with #2, he could decide to buy #1 from Plumlee. Players buying jersey numbers isn't uncommon. Here's a piece from Lee Jenkins in 2005 on that subject. The going price tends to be $20,000-$40,000 in cash or goods.

But if Jack, who's making $6.3 million this season, wants to save the cash, he'll have to go somewhere new. He wore #3 at Georgie Tech, but that's been retired for Nets great Drazen Petrovic.

What number do you think Jack should wear?


Kevin Garnett

Could Kevin Garnett stick around for more than just next year? (AP)

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Paul Malignaggi, Daniel Jacobs, Brett Yormark

Brett Yormark (center). (AP)

In 2010, the then-New Jersey Nets tried to sell LeBron James on a global Nets franchise. With or without LeBron, the global vision appears to be more than a selling point for free agents.

Nets CEO and marketer extraordinaire Brett Yormark recently completed his sixth visit to China, this time to market a pair of October exhibition games with the Sacramento Kings. China Daily sat down with Yormark to chronicle the trip. Some highlights below:
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So who is Bojan Bogdanovic?

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Kevin Durant, Gasper Vidmar, Bojan Bogdanovic

It was a long time before Bojan Bogdanovic (right) met Kevin Durant. (AP)

There’s more to Bojan Bogdanovic than the number 44 on his back.
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Summer League is over, Free Agency is nearly wrapped up, and it is time to focus on what matters most: Mascots. We want you to get involved! Tweet out your suggestions for who the next Nets Mascot should be with the #MyBrooklynMascot.

Start: Goodbye Paul. Hello Bojan!
18:45: Did Paul Pierce and Deron Williams have a frosty relationship?
26:00: News Around the League: Knicks Orange Jerseys, Love Trade, Embiid's Twitter Revolution, and China.
42:40: Killer Komparison: A deep dive into the next Nets Mascot. #MyBrooklynMascot


Tayshaun Prince, Mike Conley, Lionel Hollins

How will the Nets run under Lionel Hollins? (AP)

The knives are out of the backs, new leadership is installed, and Paul Pierce has joined Barack Obama and John Wall. Brooklyn Nets fans are left with a dapper new coach, some fresh (and even young!) faces and a whole lot of question marks about how their team plans to play next season.

It starts up top. Coach Lionel Hollins last coached the Memphis Grizzlies in 2012-2013, to 56 wins and a Conference Finals loss to the Spurs (duh) in the ultra-competitive West.

By examining Hollins’ use of personnel in his last season with Memphis, we can unearth some clues on what next season’s Brooklyn Nets will look like on the offensive and defensive end.
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Markel Brown

Markel Brown (AP)

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The above is five minutes of highlights, average-lights, and general on-court awareness from new Brooklyn Nets forward Bojan Bogdanovic against the Oklahoma City Thunder, who the Nets selected with the first pick of the second round in the 2010 NBA draft. This isn't an NBA game -- it was a part of the NBA's Global Games initiative in the 2013-14 preseason -- but it was nonetheless a chance for Bogdanovic to showcase his NBA-level skills against real competition.

There's a lot of good to see in here. Bogdanovic scores in a few different ways, throws a beautiful one-handed, 70-foot pass that hits the target perfectly, backs down Jeremy Lamb and hits a nice floater (negated by an early whistle), and generally looks like he belongs amongst the trees. There's a couple of moments where he passes up hitting an open teammate, but in an exhibition where he's the best player on the floor against an NBA team, you can't really blame him for going for his own shot.

Besides, Bogdanovic's bullheadedness led to the inarguable highlight of the video, when he pulls up off the dribble and nails a three right in Kevin Durant's face. The full play begins around 2:50.

Though the Thunder won 95-82, Bogdanovic led all scorers not named Durant with 19 points on 4-10 shooting. All of his baskets came from behind the arc (4-8 from deep), he hit seven of eight free throws (he shot 81% from the line in all Euroleague phases last season), and he added four rebounds to only one turnover.