Nets to work out Gorgui Dieng

Gorgui Dieng

Gorgui Dieng (10). (AP)

The Brooklyn Nets will work out Louisville senior center Gorgui Dieng, Dieng’s agent Makhtar N’Diaye confirmed to ESPN New York. The Nets pick 22nd overall in the 2013 NBA Draft, which will take place June 27th at Barclays Center in Brooklyn.

The 6’11”, 230-pound Dieng, who averaged 9.8 points, 9.4 rebounds, 2.5 blocks, 2.0 assists, and 1.3 steals in 31.1 minutes per game in his senior season at Louisville, is known for his commitment to defense, anchoring Louisville’s top-ranked college defense last season. He is a quick defender for a big man, able to stay on his man even when switched onto college guards, but his age (23) and lack of a polished offensive game limit his ceiling.

Dieng is the second senior center with a commitment to defense the Nets will work out. They are also planning to work out Kansas center Jeff Withey. Both Dieng and Withey are projected as late first-round picks in this year’s draft.

One major Nets weakness this past season was an inability to defend the paint with Brook Lopez out of the game, so it’s no surprise that the Nets are looking at big, defensive-minded centers with their pick. But with mock drafts all over the place, it’s hard to gauge just what will be available at #22. The Nets may have to make moves if they want to guarantee getting their guy.

ESPN New York — Gorgui Dieng to work out for Knicks, Nets


  1. DEVIN,
    are you for real -i REALLY hope you are joking!!
    you REALLY think Lopez defended the paint well?—his lateral motion is so so slow,mechanical and quite frankly awkward -that it was actually embarrassing to watch him defending pick and rolls

    my GUT is that you have attended VERY FEW games in person this year which would have clearly showed you that his overall defense in the pivot is quite poor!!
    i also have a hard time figurigngout why you list this center as being 23 yo as a negative—IF the guy can play defense and is healthy -it just is an absurd remark—at draft pick 22-ANYONE who can help this team would be considered!!
    remember it wasnt too long ago that college players had to stay 4 years in college unless financial hardship enabled them to leave school early—the average age after 4 vyears in school would be 22 yo–thus 23 yo doesnt really seem a weakness-does it?

    lastly,you keep writing about the center from Kansas–EVERYONE knows that all he has is height-nothing more–he will just be a warm body to fill the bench -just like your favorite Net of alltime-Petro

    1. kenjikaraalice We have written about Lopez’s evolving defense numerous times this season, about how it has improved from “near league-worst” to “roughly average,” an assessment I stand by. You have even commented on some of those articles.
      Advanced age means limited upside. Averaging 9-9 as a senior means much less than it does as a freshman. You don’t need studies to tell you that. (Or perhaps you do! Let me know, I’d be glad to send them your way.)
      I attended every Nets home game (save two) this season. Your gut is as good as usual.

      1. Devin Kharpertian kenjikaraalice  
        you have a interesting way of responding-like a politician sidestepping an issue
        i ,specifically,did not speak of Lopez relative defense compared to other centers–this is meaningless-this remark of yours assumes there is a good bad and average level of play
        like the best lawyers who write up documents by cutting to the chase,lets simplify and cut to the chase-in the pivot defensively–Lopez is clearly subpar-his lack of quick feet will  ALWAYS make him a liability on the defensive side-as shown ad nauseum in his failure to keep up in pick and rolls—why do you think before the trade deadline in February-that someone within the team stated to me and a mutual friend that ideally the team would love to move Lopez to power forward if they were to get Dwight Howard?

        1. kenjikaraalice Again, we have spoken about Lopez’s slow feet as a liability to his defensive ability numerous times here. You are not breaking new ground.
          What makes him effective enough to balance out that liability, as we have also written numerous times (again, in articles you’ve commented on), is his more intentioned commitment and greater understanding of how to use his length to deter shots in the paint. 
          It’s how Lopez put up a higher block percentage than ever, and why opponents shot significantly worse in the paint against the Nets this year with Lopez on the floor than off. (Whoops, sorry — got kind of nerdy there for a second by using facts to support the analysis.)
          I couldn’t care less about who told you what.

        2. TO MAXIE,
          I hope SUNY ALBANY will teach you some skills you obviously havent acquired yet

        3. kenjikaraalice
          They’ve taught me proper grammar, proper capitalization, periods, commas, proper English language.
           I know you haven’t acquired such skills yet, but if you try hard enough, you may be able to form a coherent sentence one day.
          Keep at it, I know you’ll get there.