Nets-Thunder Open Thread

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Remember, you can grade the players at any time.

Some primer information:

Projected Starters:
Nets: Deron Williams, Joe Johnson, Gerald Wallace, Kris Humphries, Andray Blatche

Thunder: Russell Westbrook, Thabo Sefolosha, Kevin Durant, Serge Ibaka, Kendrick Perkins

Nets: 103.8 offensive efficiency (9th), 100.9 defensive efficiency (12th), 90.49 pace (30th)

Thunder: 110.1 offensive efficiency (3rd), 98.6 defensive efficiency (T-5th), 94.93 pace (14th)

Three Things Worth Watching For:

1) Durant v. Wallace. As mentioned earlier today, Wallace gives Durant a tough time. The Nets defense is based on as system, not merely a one-on-one brand of basketball, but having a tough forward like Wallace check a scorer like Durant is a plus for the Nets — at least over past Nets seasons.

2) Andray Blatche. Blatche fills in for the injured Brook Lopez for the third straight game and has looked strikingly promising in this role. A honed-in Blatche has added up to good things for the Nets so far this year. Kendrick Perkins is a worthy adversary, as is Serge Ibaka when switches happen, but Blatche should find some decent shots at the basket from Deron Williams and his own brand of craftiness tonight.

3) Smallball? With Lopez & Evans out, it seems natural that the Nets would want to try a smaller approach, putting Humphries at the 5 in stretches and switching Wallace to the 4. But a scorer like Kevin Durant poses a different set of problems; if Wallace is on the floor you want him sticking Durant at all times. So the Nets may have to get creative with their lineups: play Humphries & Blatche often, throw Teletovic into the mix, then fuss around and experiment when Durant’s resting on the bench.


  1. Gonna need a huge effort tonight from Hump & Blatche. Gerald’s got to do his thing against KD also. And could this be the night for MIRZA?!

  2. Wallace will contain Durant as he’s done throughout his career. The x-factor tonight is Westbrook. Not only does Dwill have to step it up offensively tonight, he must keep Westbrook in check if the nets want to be in this game

  3. Rotations look a little sluggish and we’re letting OKC players get behind us on fast breaks, but D-Will’s two buckets are a very good sign.

  4. D-Will’s making his shots, but he’s also having a very tough time staying in front of Westbrook. I get scares everytime Andray Blatche leads a fast break.

    1. Have to figure he would break out soon. This is the perfect opportunity for him. He’s also making the right rotations for once and looking solid on defense. Hopefully he sticks.

  5. Marshon finally gets on the court. He must prove himself efensively tonight. He also must take care of the ball. Turnovers and Defense are the major reasons Avery hasn’t worked him into the rotation.

    1. 66% from the field. That’s absurd. I just don’t know where the great defense we were playing went.

  6. WOW durant got up. nets are in big trouble. outscoring OKC by double digits in any half is not easy for any team.

  7. Nets need to learn how to adapt to a fast pace. Couldn’t do it against Miami and now the same is happening against OKC.

  8. 6th highest percentage from the field in a half this year. They’re really missing the presence of Reggie Evans and Brook in the paint

  9. The Nets weren’t completely healthy when they faced Miami on both occasions. They were healthy for was the clippers game and they handled them defensively. Hopefully it’s a matter of chemistry and experience against these high powered offenses

  10. As good as he’s been passing this year, this is why Billy King spent every day of the last two years trying to resign this guy. He can score with the best of them. It looks like his wrist might be healing slowly but shortly.

  11. The nets don’t need wallace to be an offensive force. But he must hit his open shots like he’s doing in this quarter

  12. Wallace is on fire. WOW. the crowd is back in the game. The nets are finally making stops and hitting shots. Shocked that OKC hasn’t called a timeout.

  13. Some awesome shooting in that third quarter, but until we can get some stops we won’t be able to take the lead.

    Also JOE JOHNSON IS A MOMENTUM KILLER. I’m sick of him missing WIDE OPEN threes.

  14. This is not the start to the fourth that we wanted. Sensing that the momentum is slowly disappearing

  15. Wow We’ve been waiting for this performance from Dwill. Wallace should have fell a little harder on Westbrook

    1. I think when Avery took him out of the game early in the fourth and put him back in, he was much better.

      In the first half and 3rd quarter he was not very good on defense in particular.

  16. Inability to make plays down the stretch killed us tonight. Oh yea – 66% shooting in the first half for OKC also killed us tonight.

  17. I sure hope Joe Johnson takes on some of the blame tonight ala D-Will talking about his struggles. Joe was putrid tonight.

  18. Tough loss for the nets. It’s very encouraging to see them compete in the second half. I didn’t think they would be able to rally back and get the crowd back into the game. Dwill had his scoring game of the year and stepped up and showed he can lead us against a playoff team. He played like an all-star tonight. Big game from Humphries and Blatche. Double-Doubles for both. They were the two players that needed to step up and they did. But the Nets lack of defense in the first half especially the second quarter killed them. Despite Johnson’s scoring down the stretch. He missed big time shots in the late third and early fourth. Overall good performance from the nets they battled and showed they can play with the big boys even without two impact players.

    1. Blatche’s foul trouble hurt because obviously Hump had to then play center. The defense was putrid in the first half, nice to see them step it up in the 3rd quarter though, but they needed to have that type of effort throughout the game.

      Joe Johnson is a different story. It’s become almost comical with him in terms of missing WIDE OPEN shots. He kills our momentum. I said I was concerned before the Magic game, but once he went off in that game I held back my criticism, but after the Miami game and tonight, I am once again concerned about Joe Johnson.