Nets request waivers on Luis Scola

(AP Photo/Luis Scola)

(AP Photo/Luis Scola)

The Brooklyn Nets today requested waivers on Argentinian power forward, Luis Scola. Once he clears the waiver process, he will join a robust market of players seeking to join playoff contenders that includes Andrew Bogut, Deron Williams, and Terrence Jones.

In a statement announcing his waiver request, general manager Sean Marks praised the example Scola set for his young roster: “His approach and dedication to the game will continue to serve as lasting role models for our young players.”

Marks ended the statement by noting that Scola deserved to contribute to a playoff contender.

Scola appeared in 36 games for the Nets and averaged 5.1 points, 4.9 rebounds, and 1 assist per game, though his per 36 statistics suggest there might be something left in the tank of the NBA veteran. His playing time had drastically decreased as the season continued, but his locker room leadership still helped him outlast two other power forwards on the roster, Chris McCullough (traded) and Anthony Bennett (waived).

With the Nets looking towards 2018 and beyond, the waiver ultimately comes as no surprise as it’ll open up a roster spot for the team moving forward. Do they have their eye on a D-Leaguer? What about the forgotten Jared Sullinger or Terrence Jones?

Of course, March 1st is the deadline for waived players to be playoff-eligible, so now sights will turn towards Randy Foye, the other veteran on a one-year deal. Although Foye’s minutes have stayed consistent throughout the year, it’s certainly possible that both teams will agree to part before Wednesday.