Nets reportedly interested in Ersan Ilyasova and his horrible contract

Some things never change!

Milwaukee Bucks beat writer Gary Woelfel, conversing with Steve “Sparky” Fifer of the Robert Haack Diamond Post-Game Show, reported that the Brooklyn Nets are a team potentially interested in Bucks power forward Ersan Ilyasova: (h/t NetsDaily):

GW: Ersan Ilyasova, you know, during the summer was courted by a handful of teams, by the Bucks but most seriously by the Bucks, Nets and Raptors and I have it on very good authority that the Nets are still trying to pursue Ersan and trying to figure out a way in which to obtain him. I think that’s something to keep an eye on as we got forward here. … I’ll tell you what. MarShon Brooks would love coming to Milwaukee.

RHD: Well, he’d get to play.

GW: Absolutely, but he wouldn’t mind playing in Milwaukee anyway. He’s buried out there plus Avery Johnson probably doesn’t even know he’s on the roster. He’d be a terrific young combo guard.

RHD: That’s not going to be enough though because you’ve got make salaries work. So it would have to be him and something else.

GW: Yeah, it’s going to hard. I’m not sure how they can make it…

RHD: You know, as crazy as this sounds, I don’t think I’d mind Tyshawn Taylor either.

GW: You know what, I wouldn’t either. I don’t think he’s a bad player at all. I really don’t.

Listen in: Gary Woelfel interview — Robert Haack Diamond Show with Steve “Sparky” Fifer

Woelfel later went on to say that the Bucks would not be interested in Andray Blatche.

The 25-year-old Ilyasova signed a five-year deal worth $40 million with Milwaukee this summer after a career season, averaging 13 points and 8.8 rebounds per game while shooting 45.5% from three-point range. He also scored 29 points and grabbed 25 rebounds in a game against the New Jersey Nets last season.

He’s regressed closer to his career norms this year, averaging just 8.9 points and 5.5 rebounds while shooting under 40% from the field overall. The Nets would certainly be interested in upgrading their power forward spot, with Kris Humphries struggling and Reggie Evans limited, but it’s hard to imagine Ilyasova as an upgrade.


  1. Yeah umm they talk as if the Nets would entertain such a deal for MarShon/Tyshawn – I know they’re burried right now but they’re assets and the Bucks sure as hell wouldnt mind getting out of Ilyasova’s contract so the price will be lower than that.

    I do think MarShon should be dealt if he’s not gonna be a part of the rotation. We need to get someone to be who we thought Mirza would be. I like him, too bad he hasnt been able to produce. He’d be a good fit in the D’Antoni system tho, right?

    Also, I’d try to get Gerald Green back. Struggling with the Pacers but he seemed like a fit with Deron and Avery and can backup Joe and Crash or play the 3 when Crash plays the 4. Oh and he’s also one of the guys that can make the Barclays (or any arena) EXPLODE with a sick dunk.

  2. If the Nets are looking to upgrade at the power forward position, I don’t think Ilyasova is the answer. I think they should only do it if it’s the right guy. I think someone like Nene or Millsap would be great, but I don’t know how realistic either is. With that being said, I definitely don’t think the Nets should make a move just for the sake of making a move: I don’t know how much of an upgrade Ilyasova would be over Hump with this team, and with that contract, he’d certainly be here for a while.

  3. Message is pretty clear here – anyone but Kris Humphries. However, with the way he’s played, I don’t think its responsible to go after Ersan here. At least Hump is only a 2 years deal…

    1. Yea, not thrilled with Ersan pursuit, but anyones an upgrade over Hump, who I really dislike btw. Obviously Ersan’s value is at an all-time low and Billy has clearly been interested in him quite bit.

  4. Maybe I have that one game against the Nets indelibly imprinted in my mind that got me excited seeing this post. I really think if we are gonna take bad contracts, lets get Amare!
    Ilyasova is 25 so there’s hope he could get it together. I think Nene would be a bad deal. Plantar fasciitis, that’s a chronic issue.
    It was mentioned that Blatche played the 4 in DC. How about Brook/Blatche frontcourt, and try and get a back-up center. Dalembert should be cheap but not much offensively. Just throwing out ideas.

    1. Stop with Amare, it will never come close to even being thought of. Second, if Avery hasn’t played Brook and Blatche together all year, he won’t just do it out of the blue. 3rd, Blatche is our backup C, we need a PF.

      1. I know it wouldn’t happen but I’m saying it would be a nice fit. I’m just trying to throw out ideas. Why don’t you offer some ideas rather than simply complaining about how much you don’t like Hump. We get it, you don’t like him, but then offer a solution. That’s what makes a message board more interesting.
        Blatche at the 4 could be something he could consider. He’s played there in the past, he has shown a willingness to shoot it from deep. Just trying to think of something different rather than simply complaining. Who would have thought J Kidd would be a starting 2 guard?