Nets out of the Josh Smith race


According to recent reports, the Milwaukee Bucks and Phoenix Suns have emerged as frontrunners in the race to acquire Josh Smith from the Atlanta Hawks, with Adrian Wojnarowski of Yahoo! Sports calling the Boston Celtics a “darkhorse.” The Brooklyn Nets have not been mentioned, making it appear that they’re either out of the race.

The Nets will likely not make any deal at all if they’re unable to swing a major trade for Smith, which appears more and more likely as the 3 P.M. trade deadline inches closer.

The Brooklyn Nets’ offer of Kris Humphries, MarShon Brooks, and a first-round draft pick or Bojan Bogdanovic does not appear to have the enticing flavor that Hawks GM Danny Ferry is looking for in rebuilding his team without Smith. If anything, it appears the Hawks used the Nets deal as leverage to get other teams to up their offers for the forward. (The leverage with a deal like that can only go so far.)

Humphries’ contract – $12 million per year — is the Nets’ biggest trade asset at this point, but its value is severely tempered, as it expires next year rather than this year.


    1. PJ rather start Evans so if there is no deal I assume we will see Reggie in the starting lineup playing 20-30 minutes a game.

      With 27 games left in the season I highly doubt PJ will mess with his rotation now unless we go into a major tail spin.

      But there is still plenty of time left to make a deal in the next 90 minutes.

  1. PJ might want to start Evans, but Williams and Johnson may soon ask for Hump so they have an option to pass to. Evans is being brutally exposed lately. Teams are absolutely daring the Nets to pass to him and daring him to shoot. The Hump at least can finish at the rim and hit the 15 footer from time to time.

    1. agreed. gerald wallace is much the same way. smart defenses just concede the jump shot to gerald wallace and reggie evans, making it extremely easy to guard the nets. worst part is both wallace and evans refuse to take the jump shot and would rather try to do something special.

      start hump!